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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Paper Bindings | The Time I Should Have Listened To The Ratings | Diplomatic Immunity | ARC Review | TITLE: Diplomatic Immunity AUTHOR: Brodi Ashton RELEASE DATE: September 6th 2016 PUBLISHER: Balzer + Bray
TITLE: Diplomatic Immunity
AUTHOR: Brodi Ashton
RELEASE DATE: September 6th 2016
PUBLISHER: Balzer + Bray
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“Aspiring reporter Piper Baird decides to write a scathing exposé on the overprivileged students at an elite Washington, DC, school, only for her life to change when she begins to fall for the story's main subject, in this new realistic contemporary romance from Brodi Ashton, the author of the Everneath trilogy.

Raucous parties, privileged attitudes, underage drinking, and diplomatic’s all part of student life on Embassy Row.

Piper Baird has always dreamed of becoming a journalist. So when she scores a scholarship to exclusive Chiswick Academy in Washington, DC, she knows it’s her big opportunity. Chiswick offers the country’s most competitive prize for teen journalists—the Bennington scholarship—and winning will ensure her acceptance to one of the best schools in the country.

Piper isn’t at Chiswick for two days before she witnesses the intense competition in the journalism program—and the extreme privilege of the young and wealthy elite who attend her school. And Piper knows access to these untouchable students just might give her the edge she’ll need to blow the lid off life at the school in a scathing and unforgettable exposé worthy of the Bennington.

The key to the whole story lies with Rafael Amador, the son of the Spanish ambassador—and the boy at the center of the most explosive secrets and scandals on Embassy Row. Rafael is big trouble—and when he drops into her bedroom window one night, asking for help, it’s Piper’s chance to get the full scoop. But as they spend time together, Piper discovers that despite his dark streak, Rafael is smart, kind, funny, and gorgeous—and she might have real feelings for him. How can she break the story of a lifetime if it could destroy the boy she just might love?”

DNF (Did Not Finish)

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I found Diplomatic Immunity to be:

  • Aggravating/Annoying
  • Boring

I was super excited to be able to get a copy of Diplomatic Immunity

I just fell in love with My Lady Jane, a book Brodi Ashton co-wrote with Jodi Meadow and Cynthia Hand, so I had high hopes for this book.

But, ultimately, I had to put Diplomatic Immunity down because I couldn't stand to be in this world another minute longer.

Piper was a snob. 

If Piper had been born to the power and money side of Washington, she'd already be the queen bee at her private school. She made mental comments about how the rich and powerful offspring treated her and judged her only by her scholarship title. Yet she judged them way before she even realized only fellow scholarship kids (and Rafael) talked to her.

Piper was rude and disrespectful. 

I didn't like how she dealt with anyone. I didn't like her interactions with her family or her closest friend, people she should love and care for. 

When she got to skip a punishment because of Rafael's influence, she turned around and challenged/questioned the authority figure instead of being smart and walking off. Raise your hand if you didn't know rich people got away with more. I mean, she watched the news religiously, she should know this already.

Piper didn't listen to the people in her journalism class, the sole reason she was at Chiswick in the first place. She mouthed off to them, and ignored what they told her. Instead of doing her assignment AND pursuing a possible more exciting lead, she did her own thing. I wonder how long she'd have her scholarship if she never turned in the assigned work.

Maybe her selfishness and desire for "a real" story would have paid off by the end, but frankly I've read better books with YA journalists and didn't need to deal with Piper's attitude for another page.

Oh, and Rafael was an asshole.

He was everything you'd expect a rich and entitled male lead in a YA novel to be. He was cocky, annoying, and more than a bit rude. He wasn't bad the moment we met him, but just after she brushed him off, he was different. I wanted to smack him, with the toilet seat.

I'm sure if I'd have kept reading, it would have been revealed how he was a player but suddenly Piper was going to change his wondering ways. And I'm sure it would have been revealed how he really was tortured by wealth, power, and his daddy's position in life, but honestly, first impressions rarely turn out to be wrong in books.

I never would have loved him, and based on the blurb, I suspect I needed to at least care what happened to him to appreciate her dilemma.

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Paper Bindings | The Time I Should Have Listened To The Ratings | Diplomatic Immunity | ARC Review | Goodreads Updates


Overall, I was too annoyed with Piper and Rafael to even care that I hadn't gotten to any relevant "big story" plot points the blurb hinted about.

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