Ten Websites That Aren't About Books That I Visit Daily

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paper Bindings : Ten Websites That Aren't About Books That I Visit Daily
A weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme is the Top Ten Websites That Aren't About Books That I Visit Daily

01. IMDb -I enjoy reading the entertainment news and I use the site for my job a ton.

02. TVLine - up to date TV news, spoilers, and reviews.

03. Twitter -It is perhaps a little too millennial, but I get my world/local news here and keep current on my favorite interests.
04. THElilysparks - You may have noticed that I have a Reign addiction. Lily Sparks, who used to review on TV.com has some hilarious and awesome recaps.

05. Pinterest -If you real want to know the most about me, look on my pinterest page.

06. BuzzFeed - Where else can you get gems like the link posted here?

07. Instagram - Out of all social media, in general, I use this one the least (I miss darkrooms and film!), but my love of photography keeps me coming back.
08. RottenTomatoes -How else can I decide what movies I am going to see?

09. MuggleNet - I do not go to this site daily, but it gives me all the Potter information I could want.

10. facebook -I dislike a lot of things about the site, but I just cannot seem to not use it...

What is your Top Ten this week?
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As an INFJ Tisha doesn’t like she obsesses. Luckily, she has television, film, and books to keep her busy. Although YA is her favorite, she loves all types of books especially historical fiction. This resident Gryffindor also enjoys traveling and seeing where her wanderlusting nature will take her. Twitter


  1. I hit up Instagram most regularly from your list. Just took myself off Facebook - so I'll see if I regret it in a few weeks.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. Let me know! I am so tempted :) Thanks for stopping by.


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