The Month I Spent Recharging My Reading And Blogging Batteries - March Recap

Friday, April 1, 2016

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Life wise

I needed a little break from blogging, so putting myself first, I took one. And I think that was the best thing I could do for myself.

I painted a picture. It might seem like nothing, but I've been wanting to paint something for years now. I finally took some time for myself and accomplished this small thing. I'm feeling more recharged now.

I love these guys. They always entertain and brighten my day. *wonders around beating things with sticks to make music*

Book wise

Between reading and purging, I'm doing an "okay" job of tackling the Wall or Shame. I rearranged the piles and it looks more manageable now.

So I feel good about it. At least until I look at the numbers on Goodreads and realize it'll be a challenge to read that many books this year. But if I can at least get myself close, I'll call that goal complete. 

Blog wise

I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. Still have a big of a lingering slump. But I'm not really sure what I'll end up doing or what new things I want to try at the moment. 

The Reading Pile

I read 18 books this month.

Zero Stars


TBR Goals

These are most of the books on my March TBR I want to read before the month is up. 

  • The Devil Is A Part Timer (Light Novel Volume One)
  • The Rogue Not Taken (Scandals and Scoundrels #1)

Challenges Update


  1. Ahh that painting is gorgeous! And it's alright to have a blogging slump haha - looks like you had a good time on your break though - you read so many books! I felt the same way about Soundless - it was more of a three star read for me - not as good as VA and Bloodlines! :/

    1. Thank you!

      Sometimes I thing we all need to recharge or we'll burn out.

      From what I heard, a lot of people were disappointed in Soundless. Which stinks because it was so promising.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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