We didn't hate it?... Book Club at the Movies - " The Fifth Wave"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Paper Bindings | We didn't hate it?... Book Club at the Movies - " The Fifth Wave"

The 5th Wave

Steph: Book 4 stars, Film 3.5 stars
Tisha: Book 3.5 stars, Film 4 stars
Tracy: Book 4 stars, Film 3.5 stars

Book vs. Film

Steph: Thinking back on the book, I’m not entirely sure why it got a full four stars. In retrospect, it was sort of forgettable. The plot is pretty ridiculous- something that is highlighted when you watch the film. For example: reading about it, the child soldier aspect seemed stupid. Watching it? Wow. So ridiculous. Who would buy for a second that that was the actual plan? The teen operatives, sure, why not. But the elementary school kids? I know there really are (horrifyingly) child soldiers in the world, but in the context of the film and the way it was portrayed: stupid. Also, the nicknames. Thankfully they were used far less than in the book... but I still can’t take things seriously with people calling each other “nugget” and “teacup” all over the place. The romance was way more rushed in the movie than in the book, so it seemed very insta-love and forced. Ben was much more likable in the film, probably because I couldn’t hear his internal dialog; though the fact that they cut his backstory muddies his motivations. Now that I think of it, a lot of things were cut that would have explained things and supported the plot.

Tisha: Honestly, I can barely remember the book at all. When I looked back and saw what I had given the book (4 stars because Goodreads does not let you give half stars) I was surprised. As Steph said, the plot is fairly ridiculous. I have not read the other novels in the series, so maybe it all makes sense? In both the film and the novel, I got a little bored after Cassie goes to Evan’s house as the plot slows down quite a bit.

Tracy: I agree with the others. I’m not sure, in hindsight, why I gave the book 4 stars. It’s not terrible but like Steph said, forgettable. Also if I really liked it that much I would have read the other two. Still, I enjoyed it for the most part.


Steph: The acting was decent. No one really stood out as exemplary to me. The costumes were pretty good, other than the fact that Ringer always had on about a pound of eyeliner, which apparently was something easy to find and worth her time during the apocalypse. And Cassie’s nail polish, I wish my nail polish was that lasting. I can’t go more than a few days without mine getting chipped.

Tisha: I thought everyone one worked really hard to make a go of the film. The film also had some recognizable faces, such as Chloe Grace Mortez, Liev Schreiber, and Terry Serpico.

Tracy: I've always liked Chloe Grace Mortez and she doesn’t disappoint here. 


Steph: Overall, I thought it was a pretty good movie. It was fun and it was nice to look at. The pace was a bit off and the whole plot was kind of absurd. It balances out to a movie that I enjoyed but that I probably won’t ever see again.

Tisha: It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I loved, loved the look of the film I thought the cinematographer tried some interesting shots, for example, focusing on the teddy bear and allowing the audience to only hear the action in one shot. I would see other films by Enrique Chediak (Cinematographer - BAFTA nomination for “127 Hours”). Ultimately though am I (and maybe everyone else judging by the reviews and number of people who saw this film) getting sick of dystopian YA adaptions?

Tracy: I’m with you Tisha, so sick of dystopian YA novel. And the trilogies and love triangles that go along with them. It’s a shame because I’m still fighting for “Legend” to get made, but overall? I think Hollywood needs to take a break from YA -and not just dystopias- in general. 

Film wise, it was good. Much, much better than I was expected. Hell, I thought it was going to be another “Divergent” but thankfully for all our sakes, it wasn’t.
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Tracy is a history/film fan who loves to read YA, historical and contemporary fiction. She’s also a sucker for a sad tale. Harry Potter (“Harry Potter”), Peeta Mellark (“Hunger Games”), Nathaniel Blake (“Little Men”) and Daniel Landon (“Catcher, Caught”) are her literary boyfriends. She’s also the resident Ravenclaw and librarian.

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