This Might Be My Favorite Middle Grade Book I Read Since I Was A Child Myself - A Curious Tale of In-Between (mini review)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Paper Bindings - review of A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStafano - 4/5 stars - Middle Grade - Paranormal

TITLE: A Curious Tale of the In-Between (Pram #1)
AUTHOR: Lauren DeStefano
RELEASE DATE: September 1st 2015
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Childrens
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“Pram Bellamy is special--she can talk to ghosts. She doesn't have too many friends amongst the living, but that's all right. She has her books, she has her aunts, and she has her best friend, the ghostly Felix.

Then Pram meets Clarence, a boy from school who has also lost a parent and is looking for answers. Together they arrive at the door of the mysterious Lady Savant, who promises to help. But this spiritualist knows the true nature of Pram's power, and what she has planned is more terrifying than any ghost.”

What I liked

  • The Writing - It may have been a Middle Grade story, but I never felt old while reading it. The whole tone of this book held this nice balance between fun child story while dealing life's lessons.
  • Pram - Pram was fantastic. I loved getting to know her and seeing the world as she saw it. From the moment we met, I knew she was going to be a great character.

“She knew that the dead hid pieces of themselves in the world. They buried organs in the living. They stuffed memories into trees and clouds and other innocuous things.”

What could have been better

  • The Missing Thing - Don't ask me what it is, because I cannot tell you. While I enjoyed A Curious Tale of The In-Between a lot, I'm not sure I want to continue. The book was a fun enjoyable read at the time, but after taking a break after finishing it, I'm not sure it hooked me enough where I immediately want to find out what happens next.


If you like middle grade stories yourself, or have a young child who is looking for a fabulous paranormal story with great characters, I highly recommend reading A Curious Tale of the In-Between.


  1. Oh wow I can't believe this is a middle-grade book! It seems more darker than a typical middle-grade book! :) Still, I'm glad you enjoyed this book so much! :)

    1. I was shocked too. I think younger kids could read and enjoy the book for sure, but it did have some big "lessons" in it too.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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