Book Challenges Are Overrated And Here's Why I'm Not Going Crazy For Them This Year

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Paper Bindings - Book Challenges Are Overrated And Here's Why I'm Not Going Crazy For Them This Year

Reading challenges can be fun. You go out of your way to try new things. Or maybe'll you end up buddy reading a shared book with a friend. Perhaps you'll end up making a new friend.

But reading challenges are a massive pain in my rear end.

Here's the thing, I started doing challenges to find new books and push my self into reading new things. What happened? My Muse tossed a dog toy in front of my feet causing me to trip, and smash against the wall.

Reading challenges just are not for me.


  • Because I am a mood reader and my inner muse doesn't want to be told she has to read a certain book at a certain time.
Cue instant "I'd rather be doing anything else" music. If you tell me I need to read a certain book, even from a list I initially put together, I'll read just about anything else instead or I won't read anything at all.

This is the reason I have a hard time with TBR piles and jars. I just cannot do them successfully. 
  • Because finding books for these challenges can be a challenge in itself.
When you can pick any book in a certain genre or a release from an upcoming year, the possibilities are endless. And when you have to come up with a set number the task is daunting.

Top Ten Tuesdays anyone? I mean how hard is that some weeks? So coming up with a whole year's of new releases or genre's worth of reading material is stressful.

  • I never read the books anyways.
Like any resolution in January, I start off strong and then I just kind of loose steam and give up. I'll read anything but what I am supposed to be reading or I forget what I am supposed to be reading.

  • I forget to update or wait to do a large batch update and get so overwhelmed and I'll cross the task of my to do list without even trying.
I am big on forgetting to update things for some reason. You should see how large the batches of adding books to my read spreadsheet is. I think this "forgetting" stems from the fact it is such a pain to collect all the information and go around adding links.

Then it starts to feel like a chore instead of something fun I am trying.

There are only a few exceptions I am making for 2016.

  • I will be setting a Goodreads "challenge" this year, not so much to challenge myself to read a certain number of books but because it's habit. I really don't care if I hit it or miss it anymore. I cut my 2015 goal by 50 books, and emerged just fine. So why should it scare me if I need to do the same for 2016?
  • I will be participating in Sarah's (from The YA Book Traveler) #ROCKMYTBR challenge because I am already planning on reading my unread owned books. (I'm only allowing myself to buy a few select preorders until I tackle this list some.) So, why not join in? Sarah is an awesome friend and I know I'll have a blast.
  • I will be joining in on Nori's (from ReadWriteLove28) Tamora Pierce challenge. This challenge can go either way with me. My goal is to read one of her books (which I wanted to do soon anyways) and go from there. I'll be happy just reading the one book, so I'm okay adding this challenge to the pile. If I like her books, I'm sure I'll binge read all or most of them anyways. It's kind of my thing to devour all of a new-to-me author's works.

My "challenges" this year are low pressured and all all things I already planned on doing without a group motivation. Because of that, I think I'll have better success at them.

And if I fail Sarah's? Well then just bury me under my TBR pile. All 300+ owned, unread books. No one will find the body.

How about you guys? What are your thoughts on reading challenges?


  1. I completely agree! I'm a mood reader too so I only participate in reading challenges that are similar to what I'm going to be doing during the year anyway. Yay! For #RockMyTBR! It's going to be so fun! And hopefully we both can eliminate several books off of our TBR piles!

    Hahaha! Your closing statement is awesome! Also, it WOULD be really hard to find a body under 300+ books. O_O

    1. The thing with so many of these challenges is that I am in the mood to try them when I sign up for them. It's only when I go to read the books, that I realize the truth. But I'm convinced Sarah created #RockMyTBR when she heard how many owned and unread books I have. XD oopps. We definitely need to buddy read some of our books for this challenge!

      And my closing statement might be my favorite lines I've ever written on the blog. So much truth there. XD

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. omg i completely agree. finally someone who agrees with me you don't know how long i've been looking for someone who shares my view with this.

    i can never update my goals because i always forget/i don't care. those challenges don't mean anything to me because i don't strive to read more of any one thing.

    1. I think there are a lot more of than we might think. Or at least more of us join the "I don't care" club each year.

      Why is we always fail at updating the challenges? This year, for the two challenges I am doing, I embedded spreadsheets into the posts and that might be my saving grace. It is so easy not to have to search for the posts to update. I may stick with it this year. Maybe that might work for you if you take on any new challenges?

      Hope you enjoy whatever books you set out to read in 2016. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I so agree with you about being a mood reader. I'm doing three challenges this year, but they're not restrictive. I'm doing the Goodreads one, 2016 Debut authors, and #RockMyTBR. I was already going to read the books I've pledged in my challenge posts, so it's not a hardship to read them.

    Sophie @ Sophie Reads YA

    1. That's good that you were already going to read the books you picked for the challenges. That'll help a lot, I'm sure. I tried the debut authors one several years ago, it was cool finding new books. But it took me forever to get the books from the library. I eventually gave up.

      I wish you the best of luck achieving your bookish goals this year. Thank you for stopping by.


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