Why Leaving Your Link WIth Comments Is Not Just For Spammers

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Paper Bindings | Why Leaving Your Link WIth Comments Is Not Just For Spammers

The Risk Of Spam

When someone leaves a meaningful comment on your blog post, admit it, we all get ridiculously excited. And when spammers make their appearance, we grumble. A lot.

I recently blocked 12 people on Instagram because they wouldn't leave me alone and kept tagging me in those stupid "magically get more followers by harassing people and tagging them in the comments below" things. Contests, I get. Interesting pictures you want to share, I get. But gain more followers "pictures" are 100% pure Grade A spam.

So I know what you're thinking: Encouraging people to leave their links in comments, only fuels spammers.

Sure, life is dicey, and you might get a few pieces of spam. But that's why the blogging gods have given us the magical delete button. You are the master of your domain, so take charge. Because whether or not you believe in replying back, you absolutely have to read every comment on your blog.
"I really like cheese. Books and cheese go together, you should go to *link* and buy some."
"Will you please check out *link* and make a donation..."
(I wish I was joking about the cheese one...)

Comments like the above reflect your blog just as much as the jerk of a spammer who left them behind. If you cannot be bothered to take out the trash, why would someone want to stay at your house?

How do you guys detour spammers? What do you do when you encounter spam? Do you consider simply saying 'great post' and providing a link spam?

So You've Decided To Comment.

Something about the blogger's post resonated with you and you had to share your thoughts. Maybe the blogger asked a question that ignited something in you and you needed to get your opinion out. Maybe you just wanted to thank them for the meaningful, helpful, inspiring, etc. post.

So you typed up your words and clicked publish.

And you're done, right?


Blogging Is A Discussion

"Great post. Check out mine here" just does not cut it in the blogging world.

Memes are hard because you are tempted to say just that. But being a blogger means that you have things to say and you have the words to get your point across. Even if you just pick one thing about the post and focus on that, you can come up with something unique and spam free to say about it.

So what happens when you fail to leave your link behind after you came up with the blogosephere's greatest comment?

  • Nothing -
 The blogger never replies to comments on their blog and doesn't believe in commenting back. So they were never going looking for you anyways.

  • You Cause An Unintentional Bout Of Aggravation - 
After replying to you on their post, the author of the blog goes searching for yours to comment back on.

Maybe they recognized your name from around the net, or maybe they know you're a fellow blogger because something in your comment told them you were.

They click on your name (for blogger) to see what blogs you have. Or maybe your name is 'So-And-So @ Such-And-Such blog' so they google the blog's name to find you.

Or maybe they can do nothing because you have no information in your comment to help them find your blog.

How long do you think it'll take someone to give up searching for you because you unintentionally made it difficult for them to find you?

I'd bet money on not long at all.

How long will you go searching for someone's blog before you give up? Do you even try to look if they do not provide a link?

I firmly believe in commenting back.

One, it rewards the person who decided your blog was worth a bit of their time, with some of your own. In a world of stats and numbers, taking a moment to reply with something worthwhile is more significant in showing you care than any emojis or 'thank you for stopping by' could ever be.

Two, you meet new bloggers. Blogging is a bit like going to high school with an older sibling you idolize. You sit from afar and watch her hang with all the other cool kids at the table for the social elite. But did you ever wonder how they got to be where they are? By interacting with others.

Do you comment back?

How To Link Back

So I won you over, and you intend to link back to your blog in all your comments from now on? 


There are several ways you can do this.

Not good with html? 

It's really easy to learn how to create a link and super important to know how. People will click a link more often than they will copy and paste it into a new tab. Especially if they are on a mobile device and don't want to fight with the technology to select only the text they want.


All you have to change is what is capitalized and you have your very own html link.

You can even get fancy and go with something like: Carrie @ Paper Bindings

What about non-blogger comment plugins/forms to fill out?

If a blog already asks for your url in the form, then you do not need to list it again. All you have to do is fill it in and go.

Exceptions To Every Rule

Like the saying goes, there are some exceptions. Use your brain and class.

If someone, for example, has a Sunday Post/Stacking The Shelves/In My Life update post where they are talking about something horrible or sad, please do not say:
"I'm sorry your life sucks. (But still come visit my blog!)
So-And-So @ Such-And-Such"
There are times when advertising who you are and what your blog is can be kind of tacky and out of place. You wouldn't start passing out a business card at a funeral, would you? There is a time and place for everything, and advertising your blog can be a tricky thing.

What do you guys think? How you feel about including your blog's link when you comment on other blogs?


  1. Great post! I always feel so conflicted when I post comments, whether or not I should try to link back with my blog, whether or not it's appropriate...etc. >.< I don't mind it when people link back to their blogs in a classy manner, like using the blog name and the html - I like looking at other peoples' blogs and I feel like it just looks so much better like that! :)
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    1. There are definitely times, like I said above, when I don't think it's right to link back. But I know as blogger who always tries to comment back, when people outright offer the link, it makes my life easier. It's times like these that I wish blogger had a more wordpress like comment system. It would make our lives so much easier.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and for stopping by.

  2. For the most part I think it's pretty redundant. Most commenting platforms allow commenters to fill in their website link, so clicking on their names leads others to your blogs. That's why I find it annoying even when the commenter's name already is reflected as Commenter A @ Blog Z and then they sign off again with it to leave their links. Looks ugly.

    What I didn't realize in the past was that this habit carries over from Blogger. Only the native Blogger commenting system leads people to their Google+ profiles. Meh. Then again, that's not such a bad thing either since all the links can be found in the profiles.

    So all in all, I think it's pretty unnecessary to take the extra step to link back.

    1. When the commenting system has a place for it, I absolutely agree it's not necessary to add it again. No one wants to harass people with spamming their link. (Or at least, they shouldn't.)

      I think blogger is the biggest failure when it comes to links. Mine takes me to a profile I never used to it's full potential, but try to keep updated. Except for the blogs I follow category, I dumped that for bloglovin pretty quickly.

      All the times I've gone looking for links, I've found that to be the case as well. Sometimes I can find the blogs, but sometimes the person uses wordpress and only uses blogger when commenting on blogger blogs. Which makes it hard to find the links sometimes.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and for stopping by.


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