Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

Friday, January 29, 2016

Paper Bindings - Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

Welcome to my last bookstagram Q&A session. I hope you have been enjoying them.

Already I have learned quite a few little tricks I am anxious to experiment with. And it's always nice to get to know the photographer behind some of my favorite bookstagram photos.

Over the last two weeks we spend some time talking books and photos with Stacee from Adventures of a Book Junkie (if you missed our chat, you should go check it out) and Brittany from The Book Addict's Guide (our chat can be found here.)

There is but one last blogger left to run amok on the blog.

Get ready to be inspired.

Paper Bindings - Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

My final guest (and certainly not least) is Crini from All About Books.

When she is not creating spectacular photos and even more awesome spreadsheets, Crini can be found touring foreign worlds of fantasy novels with occasional detours into other genres.

Instagram | Twitter

* Do you have a favorite background set up you love to use in your photos? If not, how do you decide what background each image calls for when you start taking pictures?

I absolutely love white backgrounds but I noticed that I ran out of ideas for those. Right now I just love having something blurry in the background. Most often I take my pictures in front of my shelves but I sometimes just put a stool in the middle of a room and thanks to the blurriness you can't even tell how chaotic it is in the background :D

* What’s your favorite photograph that you’ve taken? Why?

My favorite pictures are definitely my flying/magic book pictures. I'm a little proud that I started something that you don't see every day in your IG feed.

A photo posted by Crini (@xcrini) on

* Why do you love to take bookish photos?

I love exploring new ways to fangirl about books and IG is great tool for that. You get to know people you wouldn't reach with your blog. There are a lot of people who wouldn't read your review about a book but post a pictures with a caption like "hey, this book is great" and you arouse interest. What I also love about looking at bookish photos is that you get to see parts of the book you wouldn't know about from just looking it up on Goodreads for example. When I decided between editions I also want to know what their spines look like. I love seeing if books have maps or other extras printed in them. With bookstagram you find it all.

* What device do you use to take your photographs with?

I use my sister's old DSLR. I don't use any fancy features (tbh, I have no idea about all the things you can do with these cameras), but I like that I get the background blur which I can't get with my phone's camera.

* How did you get into bookstagram photography?

Peer pressure, simple as that, haha. I saw friends doing it, so I wanted too. I even started with pictures taken with just my iPod because back then I didn't have a smartphone and the iPod was the only device I had but I really wanted to post bookish pictures on IG too so I didn't care about the quality of my pictures.

* Any other tips you’d care to share?

First thing I want to say is that I think there is no such thing as a bad picture. To be honest, I often don't like my pictures at first and only after I edited them. And by that I don't mean that I use all kinds of fancy filters and Photoshop features or whatever, but only simple things like adjusting the light and warmth a little. Tiny things like that can make a huge difference. I really don't know a lot about photo editing myself. Most of mine are just edited in an app on my phone. Talking of apps: one that I would recommend is Aviary. I absolutely LOVE this app and it's the only app I use for editing my pictures. It has lots of tools I like. I'm especially fond of its "Splash" feature, that lets you erase the color of your picture with a tool like a brush so that you can have only parts of your pictures in color. I also like that it includes the functionality to add text.

Some tips on how I usually go about taking pictures:

a) A take a ton of pictures of the same setup. I especially like to play around with different angles and only decide at the end which picture I like best.

Paper Bindings- Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

b) I take pictures of a bigger view than I actually want to use so that I have more options on how to cut it into a square (fun fact: I ALWAYS cover part of the screen with my hand to see only a square so that I know how it will look like and see if it fits into a square)

Paper Bindings - Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

c) I always look that my colors match and aren't contrasting too much. Of course when you take a picture of a book haul you can't choose what colors the books have, but I like to place them in a way that it looks better and take care that the background fits. For example in the picture below, I would only post the third picture because I like it best with these rather contrasting colors.

Paper Bindings - Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

* Any other bookstagramers we should be following?

For beautiful backgrounds and amazing setups definitely follow @whatgeorgiedid. For stunning simplicity follow @artsymusings and for more originality follow @wordrevel.

Paper Bindings - Instagram - A Q&A Session With Bookstagramers - Crini From All About Books

Feeling inspired? Feeling better about your own work? I hope so, now get out there and take some bookish photos. If you have an bookish Instagram account, leave your link in the comments below, we'd love to take a look.

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  1. Thank you sooo much for having me! I really liked answering the question and giving tips!

    1. I really learned a lot from you! Thank you again for participating!


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