Tamora Pierce 2016 Reading Challenge

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paper Bindings - Tamora Pierce 2016 Reading Challenge Hosted by Nori @ ReadWriteLove28

I wasn't going to sign up for any 2016 challenges. First I failed that goal with the Rock My TBR one, and I'm failing it again with this one.

Why sign up for another challenge?

Because I have heard so much about Tamora Pierce and all of her books that I already decided I was going to read one of her books soon. When I asked what one I should read first, Nori (@ Readwritelove28) told me to wait a bit for the answer. Turns out, it was because she had the challenge all planned out.


  • Read one of her books. If I just read a single one, a book I was already planning on reading in the first place, then I will call this challenge complete. 

  • If I enjoy that book so much that I need to read them all, then I am adjusting my overall goal a bit. I'd like to read all the books set in just one universe.

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