Gobble Gobble Gone - November 23rd Through December 6th, 2015 Recap

Sunday, December 6, 2015

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Well, another month has come and gone. Can you believe the end of 2015 is just a few short weeks away? 

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving full or pie and books. After having an early lunch-dinner, I had to wait all day for some pie to cook. Seems when the time table is moved up to accommodate work schedules, pie is sacrificed. WHAT KIND OF CREATURES BODY-SNATCHED MY FAMILY?

I mean it's pie. I waited all year for a slice of pumpkin pie and no one gets between us. I had to cook my own pie as a late evening snack. By late, I mean I was eating it at 10:30pm at night. It was still Thanksgiving so perfectly acceptable, right?

In none-pie news...

I managed to get my Christmas shopping done in one day and I have never been prouder of myself. No more long lines and crazy hunts for retail parking space for me. I even went to the post office and only had to deal with the normal massive lines. Now if only I could manage to skip eating so I don't have to brave the grocery store lines until after New Years is over.

In blogging news...

I am still working on my one step at a time blog make over and behind the scenes revamp. I've changed a few things here and there, did you notice them? Ideally I'd love to switch over to wordpress and buy my own domain, but until then these changes seem to be helping things here.

I may be a little light on the posts this month. With the holidays and work, I have so much going on, and I want to get this behind the scenes prep work done in case Santa is nice to me and I get $ for my blogging goals. I have a huge log of published posts I'm working my way through right now to fix html issues. So much fun.

In book news...

I have read over 200 books and completed my Goodreads' goal. *pats self on back*

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Did You Hear?

* If you give the gift of magic (A Darker Shade of Magic) this holiday season, then you are definitely going to want to check out how to get a signed/personalized bookplate by Victoria Schwab to go with the book.

* Sourcebooks is having a preorder giveaway for This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. (Curious as to what --- thought about the book?)

Sourcebooks is having a preorder giveaway for This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.Sourcebooks is having a preorder giveaway for This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.

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Louisiana Longshot by Jana DeleonVengeance Road by Erin BowmanDark Debt bu Chloe Neill

Added To The Never Ending TBR

Well, I was a good girl this week and did not BUY anything new but my birthday signed orders from Books of Wonder finally came in.

Paper Bindings - Biweekly Bookish/Blog Recap - November 23rd Through December 6th, 2015Paper Bindings - Biweekly Bookish/Blog Recap - November 23rd Through December 6th, 2015

Don't they look lovely? Now if only I had my bookshelves to put them on.

How was your week?


  1. Holy cow, your birthday order has me drooling. Those books all look so beautiful!! And I can't believe you've read 200 books this year. Major kudos to you. My goal was 25 and I still haven't met it, but I blame college.

    Also, PIE! You basically summed up my feelings. That's basically my favorite part of Thanksgiving lol.

    My Sunday Post!

    1. My birth month may have been a bit on the stressful/depressing side these last few years (for other reasons) so I may have gone a bit overboard trying to cheer myself up. It's too easy to add books to a digital cart. XD

      Thank you. I'm so surprised I actually made it to my modified goal. I thought I was going to have to decrease it again to not fail. There is still a month left, maybe you can do it. Hope you're doing well in school though. That definitely takes a chunk of your reading time away.

      Pie is synonymous with Thanksgiving. They practically mean the same thing: stuff your face with pie. XD

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Look at all your lovelies!! Congrats on getting your shopping done that is awesome. Hope your week is spectacular and congrats on achieving your reading goal. I am currently at 248 towards my goal of 250..I am thinking I've got this

    1. Only two more books! You can do this! I originally had the same goal as you but had to change it. Turns out moving twice really takes a dent out of your reading time.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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