This Just Isn't Working For Me Anymore - Ten Signs It Is Time For A Blogging Change (Discussion)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Paper Bindings - This Just Isn't Working For Me Anymore - Ten Signs It Is Time For A Blogging Change (Discussion)

If you are anything like me, right about now you are having a Blogger Midlife Crisis.

How does 3 years equal a blogger midlife anyways? What would you guess is a blogger’s midlife?

I am writing this post from my shiny new Lego Corvette because that’s all I can afford on the nonexistent blogger’s salary.

During my life, I have found that I tend to do things in cycles. One month all I want to do is read, and another you cannot part me from my Xbox. Lately, all I want to do is blog.

And yet, I’m not having any fun.

The desire to read is there, and the drive to blog is there, but something is missing. 

Could it simply be I’m not writing what I need to be writing? Or is it just insecurities acting up and affecting my inner thoughts?

No matter what I do, I’m going to fail with that thinking.

So here are ten revelations I’ve come to that make me realize something has to change.

Maybe you are like me and are uncertain about your path, or maybe you are completely happy with your blogging life. Just remember, change is not a bad thing, it is simply a way life keeps us moving forward.

One – Feeling Blah Toward The Blog In Question

Like I mentioned above, I’m just not feeling it anymore. I want to blog, but I’m not happy with how my blogging time is being spent or the results of my hard work.

Is it the content? The design? The books in question? I have so much to figure out.

Two – More Jealous Than Inspired

I’ll admit it, envy is my sin. My inner dragon loves to horde shinny objects. If I see something cool/cute/awesome/fun I immediately want it. When a fellow blogger tries something new and has fun, I immediately want to play too.

And if you can find me one blogger who isn’t concerned and jealous over stats and followers, I will eat this blog. One delectable pixel bit at a time.

But lately, I’m more green over other bloggers than I’m inspired by them. That damn “I wish” phrase keeps coming out of my mouth so often, I’m starting to get annoyed with myself.

How do I slay that demon? How do I get inspired again? How do I make myself happy with what I have?

Three – Wondering Why You Are Doing Something

If your blogger friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump as well? Apparently. Maybe. And I don’t like that answer.

Sure, it’s nice to be a part of the crowd. But I’m not the Queen Blogging Bee, never going to be, so why am I so concerned with doing what everyone else is doing? Why am I so focused on making sure I hit all the items on the possible blogging checklist that I am turning blogging into a chore instead of an outlet for my creative energy?

What do I want to do?

Four – Dreaming Of A Blog Makeover 

Sure it’d be nice if my Blogging Fairy Godmother got off her lazy ass I mean decided to pay me a visit. But life isn’t a fairy tale, that isn’t the way things work in the real world.

So I need to get off my lazy but and figure out what I want to change. New graphics? New layout? Move over to WordPress? Own domain?

Sure a friend may offer suggestions or even surprise me with a gift that helps me achieve my dream, but at the end of the day, this is my blog and I need to own it.

Five – Numbers That Don’t Increase, Or Worse, Decrease

This is the part in my blogging rant that my little Lego Corvette is being washed away from the power of my tears. Envy, once again, plays a big part in this.

I love celebrating blogoversarys of my friends, even if it is only a quick “Congrats! *emoji emoji emoji*” because I have this weird work schedule that affects how much blogging and social media time I get. It’s not anyone’s fault that they are in bed when I finally get home and consequently have no one to talk to.

But seeing blogs younger than you with a greater following than you hurts. It hurts a lot. It makes you start questioning why you are unloved/unpopular and just what the heck you are doing wrong.

Because the numbers don’t lie, you are doing something wrong.

Now you just have to figure it out. Layout? Content? Books you review? Graphics? Promotion? More Oreo sacrifices to the Book Gods?

Six – You’re Boring Yourself

Maybe what you are writing is a complete waste of time because no one wants to read it. Or maybe what you are writing is the greatest thing anyone has even put to paper but you are not inspired by it. Maybe you need something more adventurous or flashy to get that happy blogging feeling back.

If you are not satisfied with your posts, how can you expect anyone else to be either?

Seven – Found Yourself Saying “There Has To Be A Better Way”

I’m a tad on the lazy/impatient side. I don’t want to spend all day doing my blogging ‘chores’ when I could be doing something fun, like reading. I am always on the lookout for a better way to do things, whether that is a new system of organization or a new way to format a post. I’m constantly trying to improve myself.

So, what happens when you are not focusing on the details anymore, but rather on the blogging as a whole? When the questions go from “what color text should I use here” to “how do I write a review that people might actually want to read and comment on” I know something needs to change.

There is always a better, faster, more efficient way to do something. You just have to find it.

But how do you decide what’s efficient and yet still has enough personality to be uniquely you?

Eight – You’re In A Rut

My Lego Corvette has hit a massive pot hole and I’m a bit trapped inside. I like organization, I like routines, but I’m stifled. What used to work is no longer working for me. Or if it works, it is just no longer the direction I want to move in.

First step in fixing any problem is to admit you have a problem.


Now I just have to reevaluate everything. Am I participating in that meme because it is fun? Is it simply the bloggish thing to do to use images formatted in a certain way?

How do I find what represents me and not all the other hundreds of bloggers out there?

Nine – The Bar Is Too Low

As I look back on my years of blogging and where my blog is now, I have one shocking revelation: I’m letting myself be okay with subpar.

Why am I fine with being second best? Or third? Or last?

How did I become content to waste my time and share with my readers posts that aren’t 100% me to the best of my abilities?

Now that I realize this, I have a lot of work to do. Because I’m no longer sure who I am as a blogger. The version of me that started Once Upon A Dream Books is no longer the girl I am today.

Where do you think the standard level for book blogging is? What does that encompass? How do you find yourself as a reader and blogger in a sea of others all clamoring to be the best?

Ten – Your Idea Pile Is Staggering

In addition to my calendar where lists all my planned and scheduled posts, I also have a three subject notebook for my blogging needs. (And let’s not even mention all the spreadsheets I have on the computer…you’d die of information overload.) One of the sections is purely devoted to all the random ideas I’ve had: possible name changes, discussion topics ideas, html and css stuff I want to play with. Everything I think I might want later is recorded……

…..and then dissolved into the black hole of nothingness.

Some of my ideas are stupid thoughts brought on by 3 hours of sleep in a 72 hour period and massive work overload. But some, some I still think might be fun to use.

So why have I never thought about them again? Why have I allowed myself to continue on in this rut instead of trying something new? Insecurities? Fear no one will enjoy the topics?

A big part of my blogging troubles stems from the fact I’m afraid if I try something new, no one will even want to view it. Which means no comments. Translation: I’ve wasted my time and no one cares.

But if I’m posting things I feel are sub par anyways, would that really be wasting my time?

I’m sharing these revelations with you to help inspire you to change and grow, but even if no one but me ever sees this it’s okay. Because I feel much better getting this out of my system. I feel much more inspired to focus less on what I think I should be doing and more on what I want to be doing.

Don’t blog for a friend. 
Don’t blog for a reader. 
Don’t blog for a publisher or an author.
Blog for yourself.

Forget everyone else. Get in your car and own your own thing.

Obviously be mindful of your potential audience, and never forget what happens on the internet never truly leaves the internet.

But don’t be a blogger for anyone other than yourself because at the end of the day you need to be happy with the work you’ve created or you have failed yourself.


  1. This is 100% what I needed. I've been on a hiatus because I'm in Mexico and didn't want to pressure myself to write reviews and think up fun things- I just want to relax! But sometimes blogging makes reading hard because I think 'oh no, how do I review this' and it makes me tired. So thanks for this reminder to blog for me and not for followers or views or making people happy because I conform to their opinions. *emoji emoji emoji* ;D

    1. I am glad this post helped at least one person. I hope you get out of this "slump" when it comes to writing reviews and reclaim your love for blogging. I think every single one of us has these feeling sometimes and it is helpful to know you are not alone.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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