The Week Of Happenings and Feels - Sunday Post #146 - October 11th, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paper Bindings - Weekly Recap
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I think I'm coming out of my video game cycle and falling back into a reading one. Figures since I just bought 4 new games. (Well, four new used games. I'd die if I spent that much money on video games.)

Which means I should get back into my normal reading habits. 

I made a mental TBR plan (nothing firmly written down because I chafe at confinements and will turn around and ignore the plan otherwise) that I am pretty happy with. I am just going to plow through these books that I've been holding off on for various reasons. I also have quite a few new acquires that I am looking forward to.

In more fun news, my sister was chosen to receive her first wand at Ollivanders. I seriously took about 2000 pictures of the whole thing. I now understand those crazy parents who act like a fool when their child is on stage for any reason in school. Naturally I had to buy the wand for her. I mean how can you walk away from the wand that chose you?

I may or may not have had to buy the wand I've been eyeing for myself for Christmas too.

Weekly Recap


taken by midnight by lara adrianthe glowing knight by jodi meadowsthe mirror king by jodi meadowsdead radiance by tg ayerstar kissed by lizzy fordstate of grace by hilary badger


An Apprentice To Elves by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

Thank you Tor! 

Paper Bindings
My pup already claimed my Hook throw. I hate to disappoint him....

I may have found Sea of Shadows as a discounted book. Naturally, I then had to buy Empire of Night. These things just happened. And, after checking all possible sections for Menagerie and finally finding it, there was no way I was leaving that book behind.

Paper bindings

I went to the for water. Whose bright idea was it to send me? Naturally I could not come back without a book or three. I'm a bookaholic....but The Rest of Us Just Live Here was my one missed BEA book and it is signed. The Magnus Chase book had a poster in the back. And Harry Potter needs no explanation.

How was your week?

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