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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Glowing Knight by Jodi Meadows

Title: The Glowing Knight (The Orphan Queen 0.2)
Author: Jodi Meadows
Release Date: September 1st, 2015
Publisher: Epic Reads - Harper Teen

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“Skyvale faces problems worse than anyone realizes. Secrets are building. Enemies are everywhere. Told from the perspective of Tobiah, the crown prince with a dangerous secret, and set two years before the heart-racing action of The Orphan Queen, this 100-page digital novella brings to life one of Jodi Meadows's most beloved characters.

Tobiah Pierce is ready to break free of his princely role—he's sick of the bodyguards that always trail him and is uncertain about the new girl at court, Meredith Corcoran, who his parents keep pushing toward him. When Tobiah's beloved tutor seems to be embroiled in a dangerous situation deep within the city, Tobiah jumps on the opportunity to throw off the royal restrictions and chase after him. But what happens in the narrow alleys and shadowy corners proves he doesn't know anything about the people he cares about—or the city he must one day rule.

The Glowing Knight is the second of four prequel novellas that offer existing fans a deeper insight into a favorite character and the complex city of Skyvale, while new readers will find a stunning introduction to this rich world and the heart-pounding fantasy of the Orphan Queen series.”

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My Review

No I'm not panicking, and no I'm not flailing, but I am falling in love all over again.

I loved Tobiah in The Orphan Queen, he was easily one of my top favorites in the series. But the Tobiah I adored in book one was not the same one from the novellas. He hadn't yet undergone whatever changes he needed to make to become that guy. 

Looking back, it was like we met him during the middle of his life's journey. These novellas make this world seem more real, make him seem more real. Like any moment I can check bad in with the characters and they would changed and grown since the last time we saw one another. 

If you haven't yet read The Hidden Prince, then there is nothing I can say about the plot without giving things away. 

Except, you really get to feel Tobiah in this one. -_- Get those heads out of the gutter people.

He's not just a "spoiled" prince trying to get his way. He's a guy stuck in this ridged system of rules and fancy bars, but he's a man who truly wants to help his people and do what is best for them. Only he needs more freedom to really find out what his people require. And he needs James to be in a position to help him achieve his goals.

The great thing about these novellas is that you can read them before the first book or after.

If you read after The Orphan Queen, you know the type of man he ends up becoming, but watching him become that man is just as exciting. The world Jodi Meadows created in this series was fun and fresh, and I love each new step we take in this world. 

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