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Thursday, March 12, 2015

air by heather james
Title: Air (Elements of Power #3)
Author: Heather James
Release Date: March 12th, 2015
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: YA
Source: Author
Rating: 4.5

I needed air.
I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in.

Jasmine's world is crumbling around her. Still reeling from the discovery of her parents' identities, she is forced to face the repercussions of her actions in the Helian Realm, while her beloved home is besieged by Helian attackers. And she still can't control her powers.

Roxy is confronted by the realisation that she has travelled across the Realms for a boy who thinks she betrayed him. A boy dating the girl who sold her out. And even while freezing in the Arcan Realm it seems she can't escape Cinaer's grasp.

Time is running out for the girls to save the world - and the boy - they love. But to have any chance of defeating Cinaer, they are going to have to work together. Cinaer is on a warpath and he's not giving up until he has secured the Helian throne - even if he has to reduce the Arcan Realm to dust in the process.

Air is the gripping final installment of the Elements of Power trilogy.”

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My Review

*Received a copy for an honest review.*

When I was first contacted to read and provide an honest review of Fire, I was excited by the possibilities the novel offered.

Two books later, that excitement hasn't faded any.

Our heroes were back again for their final adventure. But danger was closer than ever, and Cinaer wasn't taking any prisoners this time around. Roxy had finally found Brae, after her adventures in the last book, only the reunion does not go as planned. Things were just as uncertain for Jasmine as they were for Roxy. Just when things started coming together after her shock from book two, she's forced to come to terms with her actions that have led the story thus far.

I loved Roxy. Somewhere along the way during Water, Roxy really became the focus of the novel for me. Jasmine was intriguing, but she was so focused on her lie that I couldn't really connect with her. Roxy on the other hand, I got her. Not only was she a fun character when she was all bad and fiery, but over the course of the three books she became a character that was really inspirational.

I must say Heather James does a wonderful job with her character transformations.

The characters really make this story succeed. Air, like the first two books, is told in alternating point of views between Roxy and Jasmine, so we really get to see the final stage of their transformation first hand. But other characters like Brae and Tristan have equally important and fascinating character arcs that she really brings through each page as well.

Brae was ok. There was a moment where he really got on my nerves with how he reacted to a certain incident. I can't blame him for being upset, but it was a bit too aggravating. Not quite hypocritical, but like failure of perfection was intolerable. Like I said, I understand the why, but it made me like him less as a person. Which doesn't make a lot of sense as I sit here thinking about it because I cannot explain my dislike in a satisfactory manner.

Tristan was a fun character from the moment he was introduced. Here was a boy who had games and schemes, but just when you think you saw him and understood what he had planned, Tristan completely changed things up. I loved that. He was unpredictable, and a bit -ok, a whole lot- on the badboy scale.

I really cannot beheld accountable for my love of the badboy character. And boy does Tristan have a surprise or two left for us before the end.

We have been building to this moment -war- since page one of Fire.

The conflict between the four different elements, the four countries has reached the point where winning side will completely change the fate of their world. Cinaer was one hell of a baddie, and he had a lot planned for our heroes this go around. I hated him so much, but I loved him as a character. He was smart, and didn't make the stereotypical underestimating our heroes mistakes you sometimes see in books.

The fantastical elements of this series really came out to play in this one. Everything we've learned about the Protectors and their powers was important and drove our story. There were elements mentioned in book one, things I'd forgotten about, that suddenly were back in action. There was a certain twist that I sat there trying to figure out how something happened but never saw the actual solution coming.

The first part of this book seemed to be focused more on the characters and their lies and confessions and interactions finally coming to task. Every single choice and decision they have made since the beginning had a consequence and the author does a wonderful job pulling all there books together. While they still had some decisions to make before the end, once the action started, the drums were sounded and war was on.

From there, the focus shifted to survival. Yet, it wasn't just survival as in living. It was about surviving as in not losing who you were too. I was very upset when the story ended. Don't get me wrong, I loved the ending, I just want more. I am not ready to give these characters up.

A reread is certainly in the forecast.

Words To Live By

"Perhaps, she should learn not to place her trust in the people she has betrayed." (7%)
"I was infinitely darker and more broken than she was. Even for him I could never be perfect; it just wasn't who I was. If I told him that, I would risk losing him. But if I kept quiet, I risked losing myself instead." (27%)
"I'm not sure anymore whether people are telling me the truth, or telling me what I want they think I want to hear." (53%)


This is my number one indie series that I have read in the past few years. If you like fantasy YA with complex characters, a fun world, and plot that keeps you guessing, then I highly recommend this series.

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