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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paper Bindings | The Eh Files

For all those books rated from DNF to, but not including, three stars, I present to you The 'Eh' Files. At the end of each month I'll be listing all those books that make this category. Since I am aware that some books that are not my cup of tea, but may be something other readers enjoy, I'll include a couple of sentences explaining my rating choice.

So here is the latest batch:

* Monument 14 series by Emmy Laybourne

Ever read a series that's just not for you, but you keep on reading anyway? This was that series for me. It wasn't 'OMG burn' bad, nor was it DNF bad, but rather 'if these characters didn't make me want to strangle someone, this might be a good series' kind of bad. When it's all said and the last page has been turned, I'd still be interested in seeing what else this author has up her sleeves.

♥ ♥ ♥  & 1/2
See my review of book one, Monument 14, to get my initial thoughts on the series.

Book two had the same feel as book one. Sure we got twice as much action -still surrounded by long bits of boring- and danger since we were split up, but we also got twice as much annoying *growls and gestures wildly trying to thing of the word and fails* STUFF.

And twice as much obnoxious bimbos. OMG I REALLY REALLY hate Astrid. I swear this book loses a star for every page she's on it. It was like she was using him and two timing him every single second. If all that romance BS was purged from this series, it would be a hell of a lot better.

♥ ♥
Yeah, it really should have ended with number two. Really. I could have been spared all the Astrid - Jake - Dean drama. UMM, I wonder why he has VALID jealousy issues...I wonder why?

It was like all my issues with their relationship became the core of this story. Or at least the half not involving kids in a post-apoc concentration camp.

I think what ever bit of me cared about ANY of the characters, had died a long time ago. And then the corpse was dug up and spit upon.

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