Totem (review)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Title: Totem Book 1: Scars
Author: C. Michael Lorion
Release Date: April 6th, 2014
Stars: 3.5

"It’s Monday, February 6, and the blizzard of ’78 descends upon the quiet city of Old Wachusett, Massachusetts. Achak and Kimi, two people from a different time, come back to the land their tribe once inhabited, both searching for the Totem and its unknown power. One seeks revenge for a past massacre while the other, regardless of the personal cost, is determined to save the people of Old Wachusett."
*Author provided a copy for an honest review.*

Totem follows a whole host of people as they one by one get pulled into what promises to be an epic battle of good and evil. Travelling forward through time, Kimi and Achak, two siblings on opposites sides are searching the mysterious Totem and the power behind it. Meanwhile, the rest of the town is going about their business as normal. Only their lives are more interconnected than one could have guessed.

There is a huge cast of characters to follow. At first I wasn't so sure. But then as the story progresses we get to see how their lives are all interconnected and how their struggles push and pull each other into confrontations. The author did a nice job turning them into separate and interesting characters. So I didn't have any trouble keeping them all separate in my head, but I did, naturally, find myself more interested in some storylines than others.

"It was seemingly insignificant, mundane niceties in life that served as the oil in the engine of society, keeping it lubed so the whole thing didn't seize up one day, belch out a final breath of noxious fumes and die, leaving all of humanity stranded by the roadside."

As twisted as it sounds, I really liked Carl. Here was a very questionable man who has been wronged. That first chapter with him, you get this inner struggle. Yes, something unpleasant happened to him, the struggle he is going through is very human. What do we do when wronged? Acted out? Seek retribution? Do nothing? Even when his moral compass didn't point to good, he was still an interesting character.

I also rather enjoyed the mystery of sorts between Josh and Julian. I liked learning about the brothers and really wanted to learn more about what happened in the past. Just what was this big event that practically destroyed a family? What is real? What is not? Questions like these kept me reading.

" mistake Truth for Fear. Do you not see that? The two often feel the same, but are not."

By the time the last chapter rolled around, I couldn't put the book down. I had to know what happened next. I was full of questions and theories that needed to be solved. But the last chapter teased me. It offered the lure of answers in the disguise of a certain couple characters. But then it left me hanging. So, now I must wait patiently until the next book is released to find out more about our heroes and the roles they play in that world.

Overall, this book was pretty well written. The pages flew by, and it kept me interesting. By the time the book ended I has so many questions. Quite a few of them popped up in the last several chapters. Some times, things seemed like they were going one way, but then another layer was added to the storyline that shifted the direction or completely altered what I thought was going to happen. 


  1. Care, thank you so much for taking the time to both read my book and write a review of it. I know reading time is tough to come by today, so I do appreciate the energy you spent on Totem. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review the book. And thank you for stopping by.


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