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Friday, February 28, 2014

Paper Bindings | The Eh Files

For all those books rated from DNF to, but not including, three stars, I present to you The 'Eh' Files. At the end of each month I'll be listing all those books that make this category. Since I am aware that some books that are not my cup of tea, but may be something other readers enjoy, I'll include a couple of sentences explaining my rating choice.

So here is the latest batch:

* East of Eden by Lee Strauss - DNF


I tried to like this one, I really did. The problem was, I just could not connect with the characters at all. I had no sympathy for Eden what so ever, so pretending I cared about her past/present/future, not happening.

I'm not usually a contemporary book reader, so it's possible that's what my issue is. Or it could be Eden.

You guys decide.  Have you read this one?

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