Sunday Short (57) - January 19th, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Paper Bindings - Weekly Recap
Your guide to what's happening at Paper Bindings.

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Ethan got to stuff my stocking
(Hehehe. I did not make that one up, but go on and laugh, you know you want too.)
Thank you so much Chloe Neill and crew for holding the giveaway!

 Starters audio book, courtesy of The League's giveaway

 Grace Burrowes, thank you so much for the surprise!

(For Review)


  1. What did you think of What's Left of Me? I thought it was okay. I thought it was good but it could've been a lot better. Also, Congrats on the wins! You seem to be a lucky duck, I'm personally never that lucky :)

    1. I enjoyed What's Left of Me enough to want to read book two to find out what happens next. But if will be another library read. I think the same thing, good, but could have been better. The concept is interesting, but there are a few things about the book that make it hard for me to suspend my disbelief and fully enjoy the story. Maybe once we start getting answers in the next book that might change.

      Thank you. Personally I am so shocked I won something, I think I'm still riding that high. (Translation: I'm a giddy fool.) I'm not usually that lucky, but I think that's the universe way of saying the bad stuff in my life is only what you make of it because good things can and do still happen to me.


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