Review - Teamwork

Friday, January 10, 2014

Title: Teamwork
Author: D.W. Carver
Source: Author
"Robbing his employers seemed to be the only solution when Peter King found himself confronted with the probability of his fiancée being sent to prison if a great deal of cash she was tricked into giving away wasn’t replaced. He decided, if the plan failed, he could handle a prison sentence, but quickly discovered that the cost of success might be a great deal higher."
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*Author provided a copy for an honest review.*

Peter's girlfriend did it again, she made a stupid judgement call. This time, however, she risked more than common sense. With her facing serious repercussions and possible jail time, Peter decided to take matters into his own hands. His answer? Robbery. But of course, nothing is ever easy, and things start to go wrong from there.

Peter was an interesting character. I'm not sure how many people I know who could actually do more than talk about robbing someone/someplace, let alone actually know some guy who knows some people, and actually follow through with it. Extreme or not, I have to give him some credit for coming up with a plan to save someone he cares for. Even if that person deserves to have her stupidity rewarded. Seriously? Let give a whole lot of dough, that doesn't belong to you, to the druggie who ALWAYS cons you.

Great plan.

If you couldn't tell, she really annoyed me. So when certain things happened, it made it hard to care about her. Thankfully it wasn't all about her, and we had Peter's plot to follow. I cannot say much more about the story without giving it away, especially because I think the bit of unknown really works in this book's favor. But, I will say it took a turn I wasn't expecting, and yet I think it made the story better.

This book wasn't they type of book I normally read. (Translation: not a paranormal book.) It was enough of a branch outside of my normal zone, yet similar to books I've read before for me to read my way through. There were a few places where I just wanted the book to speed up because I wanted to get to the action/repercussions of events, but overall I liked the book.

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  1. Teamwork doesn't sound like my normal reads either. I was maybe considering it, but you sound lukewarm about it at best and I think the girlfriend would drive me crazy. Is this a series? Or are the other books just other standalones she has written?

    1. From what I've seen on your blog, I'm not sure if you would like it. I don't think it's quite your cup of tea, so to speak. The girlfriend drove me insane. (No sympathy for characters who majorly mess up, whine, then rely on others to fix their problems. Asking for help is one thing. But having someone do something major for you then basically be unappreciative about it...*grumbles*)

      From what I understand, this is book two of a series, but can be read as a standalone.


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