Top Ten Tuesdays - Top Ten Books I Read in 2013 (28)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Paper Bindings | Top Ten Tuesdays - Top Ten Books I Read in 2013 (28)
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This week's theme is the Top Ten Books I Read in 2013 .

This was a hard to pick category because there were so many book I adored this year. Reading almost 400 books in a year will do that to you I guess. It's funny to note, while I read all sorts of different books, all my favorites this year are YA books. Way to go YA authors!

Because the twos have it :

01. Water #2 by Heather James - I rather enjoyed book one, so when I spotted an email from the author asking me to read book two, I immediately bounced around my room like a sugar-high ten year old. After promptly being chastised by my formerly sleeping cat, I immediately accepted.

Water is one of those books that proves sequels can be better than the first book, and that I am immediately drawn to well written, shady male characters. >_< This book continues the fun, fast paced story from where book one left of. We get more of our favorites and some newbie to adore. I rather love how these characters grow and change as we get to explore more of the other two realms that were briefly touched upon in book one.

02. Crown of Midnight #2 by Sarah J. Maas - Another sequel better than the first book. I rather enjoyed the world created in book number one, but wasn't so sure on things like the romantic triangle. Now, though, I rather adore Chaol. Oh Chaol, you may be book boyfriend material. I really should make a list to keep track of my little guy harem. 

Crown of Midnight had all the things I loved about book number one and eliminated the things I didn't. We picked up right where number one left of in terms of her position and the political upheaval. Then things happen and I couldn't help but feel for the characters. And the emotions at the end, oh this series if you haven't already.

03. Dare You To #2 by Katie McGarry -I wasn't expecting to like book one. I do not read contemporary YA. I just don't. I have a harder time getting into them. Until about a year or so ago. All of a sudden I've found a few of them that resonate with me. Characters I love with plots I can emotionally connect with.

And Dare You To, as well as Pushing the Limits #1, was one of those books. In fact, I wasn't so sure I even liked her in book one, but I decided that Beth was a great character while reading her book. And Ryan proves that even when you have everything, you could still have nothing. Their story was one I loved and one that deserves a place on my book shelf permanently.

Fantasy is my favorite genre:

04. The Bitter Kingdom #3 by Rae Carson - I picked up book one for random reasons. Three books later, I am in love. This series is one of the better ones I have read this far. A great cast, including a heroine who is worth following, a love interest of book boyfriend material, and my one of my favorite reluctant side kicks ever.

Book three is by far the best in the series. At the end of book two, we still had so much left to wrap up, I was afraid it would end up as a jumbled mess all tossed together. But the author did a fantastic job with each of the major plots. Nothing felt rushed, and it all seemed believable for the story world. Another permanent shelf-worthy series.

05.  Scent of Magic #2 by Maria V. Snyder - One of my auto-buy authors. She always writes great characters in fascinating worlds. And Scent of Magic follows that trend.

I really love the cast in this book, from the heroes, to the villains, to the sidekicks. I love them all. Book two picked up where book one left off, and gave us more of the same adventure as our heroes plugged along in their struggle. We got some answers, some questions, and a whole lot of feels at the end. I really loved how their separated and they forged their own paths. I am very excited for the next book.

Because I <3 swoon worthy guys:

06.  Siege and Storm #2 by Leigh Bardugo - I downloaded the sample chapters for book one because it was free. I had no real expectations for the series, but gave it a go anyways. This was the year of surprises for me, I loved it. So naturally I had to go out and get book two. All I can saw about this book is Strumhond.

Yup that sums it up nicely.

On a serious note, I adored the Darkling. He's a complex character, you want to hate him and yet you want to love him at the same time. Any character that can make me feel both in the same scene is one of my favorites, assuming its not out of frustration. And then we have Sturmhond's introduction...with his flying ship. *swoons*  I enjoyed this book much more than the first one, yet it had all the aspects of the book I loved.

07. The Indigo Spell #3 by Richelle Mead - I rather love Adrian, even when he is down and out in one of his moods. So, for him to finally find his girl and realize how he feels, make me happy. Plus it helps that I actually like Sydney's character.

I like where the story is going. I love the whole magic bit and the searching for the truth. Marcus through an interesting wrench into the whole thing. And that ending, makes me super excited for more. That ending alone, made me love this series even more.

Fairy Tale Retellings and Imaginings:

08. Alice in Zombieland #1 by Gena Showalter - Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my least favorite tales. Ever. Whether Disney, the original versions, or a retelling. I've always disliked the story. Alice is just beyond annoying. (Except for SyFy's Alice miniseries. Adored it. Andrew Lee Potts = <3 ) But never have I liked a book version before. And then suddenly, this year I've read two Alice retellings that I absolutely had to own.

Alice in Zombieland combines the story of Alice with the one of my favorite sci-fi creations, zombies. But, on no, these aren't just regular zombies. They are psychic zombies. We get all of our lovely zombie action without the end of the world. Who said high school was easy? Plus there is a decent, hot, bad boy. So what are you waiting for? Go read it.

09.  Scarlet #2 by Marissa Meyer -Ever had a series that sneaks in, whacks you over the head, then runs away laughing diabolically as you chase after it? Yup, you guessed it. This series steamrolled me, and now I am bouncing around like a giddy fangirl. Which has nothing to do with the fact that I am a giddy fangirl.

I loved Cinder, and I adored Scarlet. (Books, not characters. Though I did like them both.) Scarlet took everything I loved about the first book, doubled it, tripled the hot guy portion, and took off like a runaway train.

10. Poison by Bridget Zinn - If there was ever a story behind a story that gave me pause, it was this one. I learned the author passed away before the book was even published. But it was her dream to be a published author, and her family and friends made that happen. Not only was this book an enjoyable read, it made me think about things too.

Poison was filled with fascinating characters in a spectacular world. I loved ever page of it. This was one of those books that I read in one sitting because I could not put it down. If you like fairy tale type stories, then be sure to check out this one.

What is your Top Ten this week?


  1. STURMHOND. <3 I love that book so much! I really need to read Sarah J. Maas, too, just about everyone I know loves that series. I like all your fairy tale picks and Indigo Spell as well. Here's to a bookish 2014!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Sturmhond is love. :) I bet you would like the Sarah J Maas books. They are similar to a few of the books you have read and enjoyed.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Great list. You've got some really amazing books on your list. I really want to read the Lunar Chronicles, have heard only good things about that series! Happy New Year :) My TTT.

    1. It was a great year of books. The Lunar Chronicles is a great series, I highly recommend it.

      Thank you for stopping by,


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