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Monday, December 23, 2013

Title: The Art of Stealing Time (Travellers #2)
Author: Katie MacAlister
"Experts in the art of stealing time, Travellers live on the edge of both mortal and immortal realms. But a few fight their outlaw instincts…
Gwenhwyfar Byron Owens learned everything she knows about potions and spells from her two Wiccan moms, who are forbidden by Otherworld laws from teaching magic to mortals. But when their latest transgression results in the kidnapping of a mortal woman, Gwen figures the only place to hide them all is in Anwyn, the Welsh afterlife…
But Gregory Faa—a member of the Watch—is hot on their heels. A Traveller who has stolen time, he’s eager to prove himself worthy of the Watch, only he has a past with the dark-eyed Welsh beauty he’s been charged with bringing to justice. He’s tempted to just let Gwen disappear into Anwyn, until he realizes that she’s being pursued by a squad of goons and death’s minions.

Gwen is used to taking care of her moms and herself, so she can’t give in to her heart’s demand to trust Gregory, despite the fact that he’s as handsome as the day is long—and the days in Anwyn can last centuries…"
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The story follows Gregory who has started his job with the watch. He is on the hunt for a witch who is accused of selling her magic to humans, among other things. After a close encounter with Gwen -see the novella Time Crossed- he cannot stop thinking about her. So, when he mistakenly confused her with his target, the hunt really takes off.

Meanwhile, Gwen has had it up to here with her mothers. When their latest escapade, ends with mortal police involvement, she knows they need a place to hide. Off to Anwyn, the Welsh afterlife, they go. But, it turns out, things aren't as peaceful as one might imagine the afterlife to be.

While I do like the Travellers series, I prefer the author's Dark Ones or Dragons series to this one. It's set in the same overall universe as the others, but there is something about the other ones that I like more. Don't misunderstand, the book was cute. It had the same humor I love about this author's work, and interesting characters. The storyline itself was entertaining. I enjoyed following these two along as they tried to solve their problems and work out their growing feelings towards each other. And the politics in Anwyn kept me entertained. But it's not my favorite.

Gwen's mothers win the award for most entertaining parental figures ever. I loved them and their logic. Though, I have to give Gwen credit, if I were her, I might have disowned them after 100+ years of them playing by their own rules and bending laws because they can. I'm not much of a other people's mess cleaner-upper.

All those fun characters we meet in Anwyn, just great. *smirks while remembering several spoiler-ish scenes* So much I want to say about these guys, but I don't want to give anything away.

Gregory was an interesting man. I liked getting to know him. But he's not my favorite leading man from this author. (Maybe that's why I prefer the other books over this one? He's just not book boyfriend material for me.) I liked Gwen about as much as I liked Gregory. The two were cute together, not to mention humorous. I laughed a lot during this book. (Translation: I giggled uncontrollably to myself in a crowded work lunchroom. - Yup, that earned me several looks and comments.)

Overall, I have to say I enjoyed this book. It met all the standards I have for this author's work, and still contained a great story within it's pages. The book ended with a possible set up for another novel. I hadn't heard anything yet, but if there is another one, I will be reading it.

"Shun them, Gwen. Shun them with all the power of your shunningness!" (Mom2) 

"I am the king of the Underworld! The king of the Underworld does not have toys! He has vitally important machinery of war." (Aaron)

"That was an excellent change of subject. It almost sucked me in." (Gregory)

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