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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Title: Boy Red
Author: S. D. Everington

"Boy Red is a story about identity, about where you come from and where you belong.

The day after his sixteenth birthday, Red discovers that the man he calls ‘Dad’ is not his biological father. Will Red be able to track down the anonymous sperm donor who gave him life? What will he learn about himself along the way? And just what else are his parents hiding?"
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*Author provided a copy for an honest review*

Now that he is sixteen, Red's parents decided that he is old enough to hear the truth: his father is not his father. The shock shatters his illusions and tosses him into a state of doubt. Suddenly he doesn't know who he is because he believes his life is a lie. As he searches for his father, he discovers just who he truly is and what actually it really means to be part of a family.

I was excited to read a story with a male p.o.v. character. Most of the ones I read are female or start out as a female lead but have the male lead's p.o.v.s added in with later books in the series. But what drew me to this story was the topic. ...not his biological father... I'll be honest, I tend to shy away from the more "real" stories. I hate crying and they almost always end with me feeling the emotions of the story.

And, while I didn't cry during this book, I couldn't help but feel for him. The author does a great job portraying his inner struggle. He's lost, not truly being his father's son by blood. I think every teenager goes through that phase where they feel like they do not belong as a part of their family, but he fears his unknown blood forces him to not belong. Red is an interesting character. I liked getting to know him as he tried to find his way in the world while unraveling the mystery identity of his biological father.

The story was well written and entertaining. The subject was a not a storyline I'd read before,so that was a big plus in my mind. The story itself, wasn't just a tale of a boy seeking his biological father, but also one of a boy finding his place in the world. I'll be honest again, I expected a much bigger part of the story to be about his search. But it wasn't, and strangely, I think that made it better. We got a look at his friendship with Si, and his romance with Ava. Then there is his relationship with his parents.

I cannot say much more about the plot without spoilers, but I will say this: by the end of the story, I felt as if I'd grown up along side of Red.

If you're looking for a nice coming of age story, then you may enjoy this one.

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