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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once Upon A Dream Books - Borderlands 2 ReviewBorderlands 2

By: Gearbox and 2k games
ESRB Rating: M
Version I played: xbox 360
Rating: 4/5

I cannot decide if I liked this game more or less than I liked the first one. Parts of it irritated me and I would stop playing for a bit. Others were repetitive and a bit boring.  On the other hand, I enjoyed playing the game for the most part. I liked the leveling up system and the different types of weapons. Plus there is something oddly funny about running over bandits and making them squish. Especially when they complain they did not get to finish their comic book collection as they die. 


The menu setting, badass ranks, graphics, humorous (I found it funny, but some people might find it stupid/annoying/etc), loved all the funny little easter egg references I came across


Fiery badass thresher (I will beat you one of these days), I never used the bank option to store stuff and I wanted to level up my ammo more but could not...,  I missed my run like the wind siren ability.

If they make another one, will I play it?:  Most likely.

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