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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paper Bindings | Blogging First Steps

Today I take that first baby step into the big, scary world.  I am ready for my grand adventure.  Pen in hand and a camera at my side, I set off to leave my mark.

I am an aspiring writer with a secret wish of being published and successful.  I love the world of my dreams and hope to bring some of my characters to life.  If at the end of this road I find myself where I started, than at least I will have tried.  I am currently working on my first novel.  Even if no one but me and my writers group read it, I will be proud to finish it.  All my life I have been told I cannot do things, I will prove them wrong.  I can do this.  My imagination was a gift given to me at birth.  I have few artistic skills to speak of, so perhaps writing is the path i am meant to take.

The most common advice I have come across is this: read and write.  I am an avid reader.  This year alone I have read over 220 books and I still have a few more months left.  So expect some book reviews here and there.  This blog will be a writing exercise for me.  I will try to post several times a week at the least.  More if something note worthy inspires me.

One must always be on the look out for the unexpected.

Yesterday, for example, I found myself talking to a cardinal.  He was perched on the tree outside my window.  I am not sure who he was calling to as no other bird was responding to him.  He must have been calling for a few minutes before I got up and went to my window.  Looking back I am not sure why, but I whistled to him.  We spent the next few minutes conversing.  He would chirrup and hop down the branch getting as close to my window as he could.  I wonder what I said to him.  My poor dog was jealous because I was not whistling to him.  He flew off not long after I stopped whistling back to him.

Curiously, I pulled out my animal symbolism book.  According to the book, the cardinal's whistle reminds us to listen closely, pay attention.  Furthermore, the cardinal reminds us that everything we do is important.  Perhaps it is some sort of sign.

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