25 Things I Learned From Playing Video Games

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paper Bindings | 25 Things I Learned From Playing Video Games
Who says video games cannot teach us anything?   Not me.   

I have been an avid gamer since my Super Mario days.  Oh, how they have changed throughout the years.  But the many lessons they taught me will forever stick with me.

In case you care, I love my PS3, but I'm a X-Box girl to the core.  

  1. No matter how many times I yell at them, my sims will never use the toilet when they need to go.  Oh no!  It is much more satisfying to to pee on yourself, complain, and jump into the tub.
  2. Never use a vehicle's turbo blast too close to the edge.  It always ends badly.
  3. Zombies have no brains, yet they can wield a chainsaw better than me.
  4. I can defy gravity in a Mako and climb up steep cliffs.
  5. A heavy suit of armor only weighs about 30 pounds.  And I can carry several sets, before I get overburdened.
  6. Fast travel is the only way to travel.
  7. Magical red potions cure everything.
  8. That spot you think is safe to crouch behind is actually a barrel and will blow you up.
  9. Air ducts are magical and will let you drop down behind the enemy.
  10. Beware of autosaving in areas with supply dumps.  A big baddie lurks in the next room.
  11. A rescue mission is never a simple rescue mission.  Heaven forbid the person be where they should be...
  12. Being good leads to a better ending, but being bad is way more fun.
  13. Playing god is a lot of fun.
  14. Bugs plus radiation equals bad news.
  15. I will never beat that badass fire thresher no matter how many times I respawn.
  16. Taking food from strangers can save your life later on.
  17. If your come from humble beginnings, you will own the kingdom before the end.
  18. I make a terrible landlord, but an awesome profiteer.
  19. If you hide from the guards, they will forget your crimes by the time you see them next.
  20. NPC followers are either going to make you laugh or make you want to commit murder.
  21. Who needs college when you have a SMG?  Much faster gaining experience that way.
  22. Explosives only blow up appropriately marked walls. 
  23. I can pick things up by walking over them.
  24. I can leap off a tower and land in a pile of hay.
  25. No one notices the hooded man if he is surrounded by courtesans.

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