**Last Updated: July 11th, 2016**

At Paper Bindings we will feature all sorts of books, bookish artists, book themed boxes, and more. If you are a publisher, author, artists, subscription box curator, etc, please check out the information below.

Paper Bindings | Reviews | Availability

REVIEWS: LIMITED - Space is only open to publishers and authors we already have an established relationship with.
  • Please allow at least 1-2 months for us to read, review, and schedule all book reviews.  
  • We accept eARCS and physical ARCS/finished copies. We only provide physical mailing addresses to publishers and authors we have a working relationship with. 
AUTHOR POSTS: LIMITED - Space is only open to publishers and authors we already have an established relationship with.

BLOG TOURS/PROMO POSTS: HIGHLY LIMITED - We will only be participating in blog tours and promotional posts if we have read the book and loved it or if we are beyond excited for the book.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: CURRENTLY ONLY IN NOMINATION STAGE - Are you an artist who makes book themed crafts/artwork? Do you know an artist who qualifies? Let us know! We are currently gathering a list of artist for a couple posts we have planned.

SUBSCRIPTION BOXES: LOOKING FOR INFORMATION - In the coming future, we will be looking into getting a few book themed subscription boxes to talk about on the blog. Do you have one we might be interested in getting? Let us know!

OTHER: LOOKING FOR INFORMATION - Do you not fit into the mold above? If so, and you are still a part of the bookish world, send us an email letting us know who you are, what you do, and why you'd liked to be a part of this blog.

Emails can be sent to: paperbindings(@)outlook(dot)com

Paper Bindings | Reviews | Genres We Read

  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Steampunk
  • Historicals (Regency, Victorian eras)
  • Select dystopian novels
  • Select contemporary
  • Middle Grade / Young Adult / New Adult / Adult Books

Paper Bindings | Reviews | Please Include The Following With Your Request:

  • An appropriate subject line on the email.
  • Book Reviews: cover image / title / author / publishing date / any links you wish us to include / specific timeline for review
  • Author Posts: what type of post you want to feature / book information / author information / author photos / book photos / any relevant links / timeline information
  • Blog Tours/Promos: any information you would normally send out to invite bloggers to the tour and all the promotional materials required.
  • Artists: type of craft-artwork / website-store information / what type of post you want might want to be featured in / examples of your work
  • Subscription Boxes: age group-genre information / link to your site / pricing / overall box information / past box information 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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