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Monday, July 11, 2016

Paper Bindings | Let's Take A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole | The Importance of Being Alice | Review | TITLE: The Importance of Being Alice (Matchmaker in Wonderland #1) AUTHOR: Katie MacAlister RELEASE DATE: January 6th 2015 PUBLISHER: Signet ★★★★

TITLE: The Importance of Being Alice (Matchmaker in Wonderland #1)
AUTHOR: Katie MacAlister
RELEASE DATE: January 6th 2015
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“Nothing about Alice Wood’s life is normal right now. Her fiancé, Patrick, called off their wedding and relationship only days before their nonrefundable wedding trip. And though a luxurious European river cruise for one is just what she needs, it’s not what she gets...

Due to a horrible misunderstanding, Alice is now cramped in her “romantic” suite with one of Patrick’s friends. Instead of cruising along the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers sipping champagne with the love of her life, she’s navigating the waters with a strange—yet mysteriously handsome—British aristocrat.

An author, Elliot is just looking for some alone time to write. But his stodgy, serious self is about to be sidetracked by a woman who seems to have jumped out of the pages of a fairy tale, one who is determined to shake up his life...and include him in her own happily ever after.”

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I found The Importance of Being Alice to be:

  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Enjoyable

I love Katie MacAlister's books.

They are a huge reason I became a reader in the first place. She's one of three authors whose worlds captivated my imagination and wouldn't let go. I have read nearly everything she has written. A few books have escaped my clutches only because I haven't gotten a hold of them yet.

Though I dutifully acquired these books upon release, I held off reading them because contemporary isn't my genre of choice.

I finally picked up these books because reading and reviewing book three, Daring in a Blue Dress was a street team mission.

The Importance of Being Alice had the same brand of humor that made me fall in love with the first book of hers I read. It is stupid and silly stuff, but I enjoyed every joke.

I laughed out loud tons of times, surprising myself with a few of them. I walked around with a stupid Cheshire grin on my face as I devoured this book.

Book one in the Matchmaker in Wonderland series was adorable.

I found The Importance of Being Alice to be just the lighthearted novel I was looking for to fall back into reading. The story was easy to get into, the characters were fun to meet, and I enjoyed falling into their world.

Normally, contemporary books bore me or leave me broken in a puddle of tears and I fall into a reading slump. This book was so refreshing that I read all three available books in the series in three days. I felt so free and happy as I read.

Alice and Elliot were just adorable together.

They weren't fairly complex people; it was easy to predict their actions. But there was something about the guy who just wanted to write his story and the girl who didn't think before she did anything that had me shipping them before they even met.

As always with romance novels, there were some sexy times that aren't appropriate for younger readers. I knew those moments were coming, but I have to say there were situations that I wasn't expecting at all. Can I just say pirates? (Laughing so hard just thinking about that scene right now.)


Overall, The Importance of Being Alice was an easy read. It was a light-hearted romance between two characters who did nothing but make me love them page after page. If you are looking for a nice romance novel that leaves you feeling content with your life, I highly recommend this series.


"'If you were a man, I'd take offense with the suggestion that I have any desire to either fondle or steal your belongings.'
'If I were a man, I'd have a problem with the fact I had packed lingerie.'" (page 36)

"I didn't want to have to be numb just to exist." (page 287)

"'Everyone has a home.'
'Sometimes, you just live in a place. But it's not a home. A home has a heart. It has meaning. It welcomes you and wants you, and you want it. Not every place you live is a home.'"

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