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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paper Bindings

After abandoning, my 2015 challenges because I wasn't feeling them anymore, I decided I wasn't going to do any for 2016.

That lasted a week. Because Sarah over at The YA Book Traveler just had to come up with a cool name for a TBR challenge. I'm a sucker for catchy titles. And since I was basically planning on doing this challenge on my own, I decided that I would join in. Because there is safety (and motivation) in numbers.

What's What

  • The mission, should you choose to accept it: Read a minimum of ONE published book you own a month. (No ARCs.)

  • Make a list of potential books to tackle: Share a list of your TBR books with everyone. Maybe find a book or two to buddy read?  (My list is below if anyone wants to buddy read anything with me.)

  • Use the #RockMyTBR tag on social media: Sarah even mentioned possible twitter chats, so keep your eyes on the hashtag.

  • Monthly Recap: Recap all the books you have read for this challenge in any format you choose. (I haven't decided how I'm doing this yet. Maybe as part of my section in our TBR post, or maybe on the monthly recap page, since either way works.)

My #RockMyTBR goals:

At last count (all pre-move) I have about 300 owned and unread books. There were a few successful library book sale hauls, some birthdays and Christmas gifts, and more than a few I purchased for myself. Let's not talk about how many I bought since then, okay?

I have two main goals: cleaning out my eReaders (I've almost finished this already!) and reading owned physical books.

My List:


Have you signed up for the #RockMyTBR challenge?


  1. Replies
    1. Join me my brethren, join me. XD Seriously, make a spreadsheet and send me the code to embed it and I'll update the post.

    2. yay! Not sure how to get the code to embed it but just sent you the spreadsheet :)

  2. I need to read The Scorpio Races, The Night Circus, The Young Elites, and Red Rising too. We should buddy read one of them together. :) Also, I'm super excited that you have Hounded, Vision in Silver, and Magic Bites on your list! I love those books so much!

    1. We definitely need to buddy read one of those books for sure. XD I'm super excited to be able to get to the last three up there. I've heard great things about them, I just never found the time to get to them.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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