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Friday, July 10, 2015

Paper Binding s| The Time I Covered My Floor In Books For 15 Pictures | Find Me Tag

I love getting tagged for various bookish tags both on the blog and instagram

But sadly, I do not get tagged as often as I'd like to be. So I do not usually do a lot of these tags since I don't want to be all "well, no one tagged me...but I'm going to do it anyways."

Except when I saw the "Find Me..." tag over at Beautiful Bookish Butterflies I pretty much said: "'...and YOU!!' means me, so....DOING THIS!"

I wanted to work more on improving my bookish photography some and this tagged seemed like fun, so off I went. (I wasn't sure if the tag meant for the images to be set up in groups like this, but I thought that was a fun way to do it, so I followed suit.)

But then I realized I only have about 100 books at my disposal right now, and most of them are BEA books, some without art covers. So I'm going to lie a lot below. I couldn't find a book for every topic word for word, but I found one in a "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" kind of way.

A Book With A Sunset

Sunset, sunrise, something is happening with the sun on the Walk on Earth A Stranger cover. I haven't read this book yet, but I will soon.

A Book With Water

This was the one category I had plenty of books to choose from.  I wonder what it says about the publishing world that water is featured so often. Daughter of Deep Silence won because it was at the top of one of my TBR piles. I miss my shelves....

(Am I the only one who hates those signed copy stickers? It takes away from the beauty of the cover.)

A Book With A Flower

On the cover of A Court of Thorns And Roses she has flower like things on her tattoo. So there. Close enough.

A Book With A Heart Dragon

Yeah, not even close. But none of the books I have with me have anything close to a heart. (Well, I guess the lipstick smear could be considered close....) So I came up with my own because dragons are the best and the dragon on the cover of Son Of No One is epic.

A Book With 'Gone' In The Title

Also know as the topic in which I lie my ass off. I searched front and back covers and no "gone" to be found. So: gone=someone leaving, someone leaving could=road trip, she takes a road trip in Tonight The Streets Are Ours.

Side note, when did I pick this book up at BEA? I missed it day one for sure....and I don't recal seeing it again. Regardless, I'm looking forward to reading it.

A Book With A Weapon

All my fantasies love weapons.....but Truthwitch won because I still have a Truthwitch book hangover.

A Book With A Moon

I don't know if that is a moon per say on the cover of In The Afterlight but it is moon shaped.

A Book With A Girl In A White Dress

She's wearing white okay. I have no idea if that IS a dress or a blouse and something on the cover of Scorched...but it looks like a white thing with a hint of orange shading from the fire thing behind her.

A Book With A Couple Kissing

I actually have a few romance novels (YA and adult) but not one of the darn couples is kissing. The Danger in Tempting an Earl is as close as I could get.

A Book With Headphones

Another Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Topic. Headphones=Music, Guitars Make Music, The Heartbreakers has a guitar on the cover.

A Book With  Wings

Thank heavens The Raven Boys snuck into the box they were not supposed to be in...other wise wings would have equaled a feather on this tag.

A Book With A Book

Now, the Lois Lane : Fallout cover looks awesome as it is. But when you look closer, all practically everything is made up of tiny words. You can see some of it in the white area. Since I couldn't find a book with a book, a book with words FROM a book was close enough.

Also, read this book.

A Book With A Door

No idea where the door in The Blackthorn Key leads, but it goes somewhere.

A Book With An Eye

I thought had a trillion of these, but only one with me it seems. So Reawakened got to come out an play. It should be noted when I think of eyes, it is either the Egyptian Eye of Horus or the eye of Sauron that comes to mind first. It is fitting that the eye book is connected to Egyptian mythology.

And because I needed a 5th book for the photo and I have pirates/privateers on the mind.....

A Book With A Ship

The cover of Passenger is so epic, I am in love with it.

So, you want to play too? 

Well, I tag:
Sarah @ The YA Book Traveller
Crini @ All About Books
Ali @ My Heart Hearts Books

AND of course YOU! (Yes, you reading this. I cordially invite you to do this book tag.)


  1. AHHH YOU HAVE PASSENGER!!! I'm so looking forward to that one (although I haven't read that author's first series but shhh, it'll happen, it will) I LOVED READING THIS, THOUGH. And those book covers are beautifully wonderful. I have such love of the In the After Light cover. That whole series omg. It's just beautiful. And I loved your "cheats". Book with a dragon is a WAY better category too, in my humble opinion. ;-)

    1. Passenger was the most never-wrecking of all my BEA books to get. (It even beat out Truthwitch because I could as I made my way to the end of the line then and knew I was safe.) Because I was delayed by pretties and there was a huge line. So I basically chatted with other people and paniced each time the lady came by counting.

      I rather enjoyed what I read of her other series. I haven't read book three yet because of my feat of parting with series. But I will force myself to be brave soon.

      Dragons top anything, and if people disagree with that, then my dragons will just eat them so we win anyways. XD

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. LOL I loved reading your answers, it's cute how you still managed to find the books to fit into categories. Tonight the Streets are Ours and Truthwitch is what I'm excited for!! I hate stickers on signed copies as well, although I don't mind when there is praise about the book on the cover though, love the bookish photography!<3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. I tried my hardest to find them all. I even pulled out all my boxes checking for hidden books. I haven't read Tonight yet, but Truthwitch was epic.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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