Another Culling of My TBR Pile (DNF Edition Part Two)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Paper Bindings | The Eh Files

For all those books rated from DNF to, but not including, three stars, I present to you The 'Eh' Files. At the end of each month I'll be listing all those books that make this category. Since I am aware that some books that are not my cup of tea, but may be something other readers enjoy, I'll include a couple of sentences explaining my rating choice.

The DNF Edition

Welcome to part two of 2015's DNF edition of The Eh Files. (see part one here)

I have too many books on my TBR to keep reading books I am just not interested in. Putting books down goes against so many things I used to believe, and my curiosity pesters me nonstop to get answers, but I'd rather mark a book as not for me than to end up hating reading because I forced myself to read the wrong things.

These books, did not make the cut.

Runes by Ednah Waltersthe essence by kimberly dertlingethereal by addison moore

I wanted to like Runes, I really tried. But if felt like too many other novels, not enough focus on whatever these Runes were the cover/titled promised me. And neither love interest was worth a nickel, so I couldn't keep reading a story that honed in on it. The Essence was just to boring for me. I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to read it in the first place, and when it failed to captivate me in the first 30 pages, I had to put it down. Ethereal just failed to capture my attention and keep it.

pretty little liars by sara sheppardsoulkeepers by gp ching

Pretty Little Liars just wasn't what I wanted. I didn't think I was going to like it in the first place (not a big contemporary fan) but the language was a bit hard for me to get into. Maybe I'm too old for the targeted reader. The Soulkeepers had a big bang opening but I found I didn't really care much for out hero or any character around him. This one was just not written for me.

soul of the dragon by natalie j. damschrodergaldoni by cheree alsopglamour by penelope fletcher

Soul of the Dragon was all telling from the start, I just could not get into it. Galdoni was promising until it wasn't, and it got really boring quickly. I liked Glamour when it started but then we met the guy who was all "I dislike belong to me." Um....pass thanks.

Evangeline by alexia purdyone perfect night by bella andre

I just never connected with Evangeline. And One Perfect Night was not what I was looking for in a contemporary romance since I am super picky with those.

reckless by cornelia funkedoll house by anya allynEleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I tried with Reckless but I just did not connect with the pov character and I found it a rather slow start. It may have just been a sampler, but I don't think this book was geared towards me. The weird chapter headings for characters that turned out NOT to be the POV character did me in in Dollhouse. Then there was the fact she had the hots for her missing and presumed dead best friend's boyfriend. I don't care if she liked him first, I really don't want to hear about this right now. I just could not connect with Eleanor and Park and it bored me.

Forbidden by Amy Miles

Forbidden started interesting with the prologue bit and all the stuff in the past, however it became quickly apparent that I disliked the main character in the present. So I had to put the book down.

What about you guys? Are there any books you had to put down recently?

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