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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Hidden Prince (Orphan Queen # 0.1) by Jodi Meadows
Title: The Hidden Prince (The Orphan Queen 0.1)
Author: Jodi Meadows
Release Date: June 2nd, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen Impulse
“The city of Skyvale is in trouble. Magic use is rampant. Crime is spreading. Told from the perspective of Tobiah, the crown prince with a dangerous secret, and set two years before the heart-racing action of The Orphan Queen, this 100-page digital novella brings to life one of Jodi Meadows's most beloved characters.

Tobiah Pierce knows he is a spoiled, sheltered prince, and he's tired of it. His only chance for freedom is if his cousin, James Rayner, passes the trials to be one of his bodyguards. But when Tobiah takes a rare opportunity to escape a courtly celebration and he witnesses a horrible—and magical—crime, he must make a momentous decision: return to the ignorance and comfort of the palace, or risk everything to discover the truth?

The Hidden Prince is the first of four prequel novellas that offer existing fans a deeper insight into a favorite character and the complex city of Skyvale, while new readers will find a stunning introduction to this rich world and the heart-pounding fantasy of the Orphan Queen series.”

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My Review

So, you ask yourself, why is she dedicating a full post for a mini-review for a novella?

Especially since - and this is a not a big secret at all - this blogger tends to hate novellas?

What a waste, you say?

But that's just it, it is not a waste at all, I really loved this novella. 

Overall, in respect of the The Orphan Queen plot line you only get a few pieces you might not have otherwise inferred from book one. Presentation matters, however, because it's not really what you learn or what happens, but how things unfold in Tobiah's characterization that really make this short story wonderful. 

While reading The Orphan Queen, I fell in love with Tobiah. He was a wonderfully complex character who struggled between doing what he wanted, being the prince his father demanded him to be, and living up to his country's expectations of what a prince should be like.

I spent a lot of time imaging what happened to him, how did he become the young man he was becoming. I needed, not just to know, but to see it. So I was really happy to hear about these novellas. This Prince Tobiah was not my Prince Tobiah from The Orphan Queen, but you could see elements, little teasers about the man he was going to become.

And the wonderful friendship between James and him? Still there, and still wonderful. I'm really looking forward to watching their relationship grow stronger as the novellas continue on.

Words To Live By

"Being sheltered isn't the same as cowering. One is forced upon me. The other would be choice."


I really cannot recommend this series enough. It is one of my top 2015 reads of the year so far and I fully expect it to remain in the top three all year.

Read it.

Read the novella. Read book one. And remember, the #OQSupportGroup is here for you.

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