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Monday, June 29, 2015

Paper Bindings | The Eh Files

For all those books rated from DNF to, but not including, three stars, I present to you The 'Eh' Files. At the end of each month I'll be listing all those books that make this category. Since I am aware that some books that are not my cup of tea, but may be something other readers enjoy, I'll include a couple of sentences explaining my rating choice.

So here is the latest batch:
* Enchanted Castle by Chrissy Peebles - 2/5 stars

enchanted castle by chrissy pebbles♥♥
Enchanted Castle started out very promising. The heroine was running away to attend a special boarding school program in Scotland.

In a castle.

I wanted to know why she was running from her home life and why there was a boy in her assigned room claiming it was his. The book (novella) held a lot of promise in those first few pages.

But then things started getting introduced into the plot and the story really became focused on the fact she likes the boy that was in her room. Plus her new BFF likes his BFF, so it was a double match made in heaven. Except as we focused on that more than we did her strange, realistic dream, or the ghosts or whatever they were. And then the story wasn't as interesting as it started.

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