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Monday, May 11, 2015

after life lessons book two by laila blake and lc spoering
Title: After Life Lessons: Book Two (After Life Lessons #2)
Author: L.C. Spoering, Laila Blake
Release Date: April 28th, 2015
Publisher: Lilt Literary
“Years after the end of the world, the scattered survivors have begun to reconcile with their fate and are starting to build communities from the rubble. Life has been kind to Aaron and Emily, and maybe it is that infusion of hope that leads them on a winter trip to search for Aaron’s family. But the world outside their little haven has grown harsher, the conditions rough and dangerous.

Not everybody they meet on their journey allowed the grim realities to harden their hearts, however. Malachi and Kenzie - an easy-going drifter with a bum leg and amnesia, and a teenage girl who has lost everyone and everything - are on an ill-conceived mission to Mexico, while Iago and his band of nomads work to forge trading connections between the small settlements of the south. All of them will discover new nightmares on the road, far surpassing the threat of the last rotting zombies still roaming the countryside. And now they must come together to fight for peace and justice in the world they trying to rebuild.”

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*Received a copy for an honest review.*

My Review

Overall, I enjoyed After Life Lessons: Book One, so when I was contacted to read and review book two, of course I said yes.

A fair amount of time passed between books. Book one focused on Aaron and Emily, and their struggles to survive in a world full of zombies. Over time because of a decrease in available food, the zombies started wasting away. Things are starting to look up for our Aaron and co, except Aaron isn't handling the happiness well and has this burning need to return home. He wanted to show his mother what he accomplished, he needed to know they survived the zombies apocalypse. So Aaron, Emily, and family pack up to search for answers.

Only the enemy this time was not one they anticipated.

Book one alternated POVs between Aaron and Emily. Book two continued the trend, only this time we followed three separate story arcs including theirs. Kenzie and Malachi were on their way to Mexico and had a lot to learn. Another new addition, Iago, had gotten himself into a deadly situation. For good measure, we get a few chapters from Annika's viewpoint to fully expand this world.

The middle two groups were all new to me. I was a little unsure, nothing infuriates me more than getting new points of view and absolutely hating to spend time in their head. But these guys were fun. I loved Iago. He was this fun and lively gentleman despite the circumstances he found himself in. I really loved that. Anyone that can face the end of the world and still find something to smile about is someone I'd love to meet.

I liked Kenzie less, mainly because I liked her story the least. She was this blend of smart ass teenager and determined survivor. But her sections were a little bit slower than the others, so they had to work harder to keep my attention. Also, I couldn't figure out how I felt about her relationship with Malachi. At times it was like an awkward father-daughter relationship, sometimes like a sibling rivalry, and once there was a scene with her being upset he didn't kiss her. And I really don't know how I feel about that.

One of the things I liked about book one was that the focus was on the survivors, and not just about zombies eating people. Book two continued that trend. And what better enemy is there than other people?

"It wasn't this bad when it was just, you know, zombies. It was almost a relief, a little, to have something not human to deal with. Like maybe having to fight a bear, or whatever. Rather than know the other person was just like you." (37%)
"We're all tribal now. More than we realize." (50%)
"The dangers had shifted from the dead to the living, and it made Aaron's head hurt." (88%)

Because people are wonder and horrible enemies to have.

In a world with no law and no police, there was no way that people wouldn't revert to basic instincts. When people stop pretending to be civilized, corrupt leaders arise and take whatever they want. So it really was just a mater of time before someone started killing and stealing from the survivors that remained.

One of the things the authors did a wonderful job was weaving the bad humans plot into all three stories. As all the plots came together and the characters started mingling, you really felt how real and connected this world was. I could close my eyes and easily imagining out world turning into this one in the event of zombie apocalypse.

The After Life Lessons series is more character drive than plot driven. Though the story itself was pretty entertaining and managed to keep my attention. But it is the characters and their growths that this story excels with.

Words To Live By

"'Need to take a break?'
'It was a stupid question in her opinion. Of course she needed a break, but who could hop off the planet for a vacation?'"
"He just wasn't scared, and maybe that was what infuriated her most. Not of the coming cold, not of hunger or zombies, like he'd somehow survived without loss, and without pain."
"Different's fine when you're not trying to be something you're not."
"It takes more strength to know what you're capable of than to just try and prove something to others."


I enjoyed reading After Life Lessons Book Two. If you are looking for a cute new adult or older character driven story, then check out this series. Even if you are not a fan of zombies or dystopians, you may still enjoy this book.

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