Trying Texas (review)

Friday, February 6, 2015

trying texas by tera lynn childs
Title: Trying Texas (City Chicks #3)
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Rating: 4 stars

“Every girl deserves a wild ride...

New Yorker Cassie Bishop has one goal: produce the pilot episode of Try It On to get back in her boss’s good graces. She can handle a month of the dusty Texas outback, filming the social train wreck as a trust fund diva learns how to play cowgirl, if it means salvaging her career. But when the spoiled rich girl bails at the last minute, Cassie has only one option—take her place. Can anyone say yee-haw?

The only hitch is Ty Haywood, the real life, living breathing cowboy who is supposed to train her. He’s smart, funny, and makes a western shirt look tastier than a bag of hot candied cashews. Too bad he’s so deeply rooted in his Texas home.

As the film rolls, Cassie finds herself falling for the hunky cowboy, the raw beauty of the country, and the rhythm of small town life where city pressures—and ulcer medicine— are distant memories. When the month is up and the shoot wraps, will the city girl return home? Or will love and friendships convince her to give country life a try?”
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*Received a copy for an honest review.*

Trying Texas is book three of Tera Lynn Child’s City Chicks series. I loved Eye Candy and Straight Stalk, so when the author offered me a chance to read and review this book too, I practically tripped over my cat to say yes.

Trying Texas picked up a little after the disastrous, but fortunate for the last duo, events of book two. Her friend may have found love, Cassie has found trouble. Now she has one month to prove this newest pilot was worth producing or she’ll be out of a job. The only problem was, the diva whose lifetime wish to be a cowgirl was a no show. Desperate, and more than a little stressed, Cassie decided to take her place as the girl who has to spend the next month learning just how life on a ranch worked.

Once I got over the hiccup with my review copy (the chapters were out of order) I quickly dived right into the story. Trying Texas was just as cute and humorous as its predecessors. Everything I loved about the first two books worked its way into this one.

I read part of this story already, back when the author published several chapters on her blog a bit ago. Those preview chapters of Trying was my first experience with Tera Lynn Child’s writing. Now that I read the final copy of the story, I was glad to see that all the things that drew me to the story and her writing in the first place remained strong in this version.

Cassie was just as fun as she was before. You cannot help but admire the girl out of options who leapt in front of the camera to save her career. Personally, I would have said “adios” and got back in the car before I spent the next month with my every action on camera and having no say in what random shots the whole country would be seeing in the final product. But Cassie had a goal, and she was willing to endure a lot to achieve it. Of course, staring at delicious eye candy did not hurt matters any.

Ty was so loveable. He was this touch cowboy figure, and at the same time, he was the guy who cancelled his life to hop on a plain and come home when his sister needed him. I’d forgotten my love of cowboys until I was watching Ty teach Cassie how to ride. His calm, sexy confidence was certainly swoon worthy!

While this series is light and fluffy chick lit (and I do not mean anything bad by that phrase) this book resonated with me more than the other two. Maybe it was her profession and my secret love for the communication arts, or maybe it was Cassie herself, but I really felt this book. Somewhere along the way, Cassie got stuck and her dreams slipped away. Trying Texas reminds us that these dreams never really die and sometimes it takes something unlikely and unpleasant to force us to reevaluate our priorities.

Words To Live By

“I was under no misconception that this was anything less than a sudden death probation. I had to make Try It On a success.” (Cassie)

“I looked at him -his blue eyes sparkling and twin dimples accenting his smile, his hand still enveloping mine- and I felt it. Every nerve ending in my body felt it. That punch in the gut that told me I was in deep trouble. Texas-sized trouble.” (Cassie)

“And the craziest part was that I wasn’t entirely, one hundred percent certain what I was going to say. I knew what I wanted to say, what I thought I should say. I just didn’t know if that was what would come out of my mouth at any given time.” (Cassie)

“I didn’t need to see what I was leaving behind, and I already knew where I was going. For once, I took a deep breath and enjoyed being exactly where I was in that moment.” (Cassie)


If you are looking for a fun, quick read with dashing cowboys and strong heroines, then Trying Texas may be the book you are looking for. Overall, even though it was predictable, I really enjoyed this book. With the end of book three, the last of our heroines have found their matches so I believe this series is over. But I the author were to write more in this setting, I would certainly be interested in reading it.

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