Romance Pet Peeves (Top Ten Tuesday #71)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paper Bindings - Romance Pet Peeves (Top Ten Tuesday #71)
A weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme is the Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances:

01.Girls that don't "need" guys - Lets face it, whether you like Twilight or not, we all hated the way Bella acted when Edward left her. Suicidal much? So when I encounter heroines that don't need a guy to complete them, I will absolutely root for them. Celaena from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas is a perfect example of this. I love the romance in this series, but Celaena is so badass that they guys are lucky if she even looks at them.

02. When there is more than just attraction - There has to be something more than just lust. Because then we turn this story into pure smut. Ok, so the smoking abs and pretty eyes lured you in, but what kept your attention? What about the other do you find captivating? What gets on your nerves?

03. When I get the attraction - Ok, so the hero and the heroine fall for each other. Epicness. Why? He's a psychotic mass murder who tortures puppies and she's a lying pyromatic. It doesn't make sense. Are they only together because we suddenly needed to add in a dash of romance into the pages? Boy + Girl does not always equal HEA. (Happy Ever After.) I want to be able to see this person from their eyes. I may not like the choice, but I damn well better be able to get it.

04. If we have to have love triangles, then I want ones where both option make logical sense, in addition to satisfying the emotional needs - I LOATE BOOKS WHERE THERE IS A TRIANGLE THAT MAKES NO SENSE. People may want to be monogamous but you can make arguments that we are not supposed to be. So debate aside, I don't instantly hate love triangles. There better be a connection that is not "he's so HAWT" "look at her *insert body part*." Because then that's just wondering eye and cheating. I want to see a triangle where both sides bring out different aspects out of the character and neither option is the wrong one. This is part of the reason why I love the triangle in The Dark Elements series by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout. Both boys represent her two sides, but she is logically torn between them because they complement each aspect. (Ok, so it's more complicated than this...)

05. Tortured Heroes - Ok, this one is purely me. I love this trope when done well. You just want to hug them and make it all better. I can't help it. *slinks away*


06. Instalove - *repeatedly bangs head against wall* You may have a case of lust-at-first-sight but unless you are drinking the Magical Kool Aid: YOU. ARE. NOT. IN. LOVE. AT. FIRST. SIGHT.

07. Competing BFF - Both when the best friend is so jealous they have to compete for heroine/hero's time and when the BFF is also in love with the love interest. Why can't we have romantic relationships and friendships as separate entities? Unless of course, the love interest is the best friend.

08. Sole Plot - Boy meets girl. Girl swoons. Boy catches. Kissy kissy kissy. The end. Why would I want to read that story? It's so boring. Lets add some action and adventure in there. Maybe another character or two.

09. The ex who was never loved - Mainly this is a historical romance thing where hero married for money/status/family pressures and then cruel, cold hearted wife died. Now hero is free to pursue the innocent but worldly heroine. YAY US. Why can't the hero have liked his wife? It's not out of the realm of possibility. Instead the exes are always cold, vindictive, manipulated b***hes.

10. Man Whores + Virgins Heroines - *bang head against desk* WHY are they ALWAYS man whores? And why is it always the magical virgin that cures the bad boy of his wild way?

What is your Top Ten this week?


  1. Agree with almost everything on the list, *especially* "getting" the attraction, and your dislike of the competing BFF. The whole thing needs to sound realistic, and the competing BFF thing gets overused to form a pathetic love triangle...sure, sometimes the BFF is 'secretly in love' with the MC, but honestly, sometimes y'know, you can be friends without wanting 'something more'.

    Great list!

    1. Exactly. How many people are in love with their best friends verses those who are only friends with them. I really doubt it's as high as these books make it seem.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Your lists were perfect. I found myself complaining when I was reading a famous author's book recently because she had instalust become instalove. They couldn't resist each other and fell into each other's arms and then into love. Had to ignore that aspect to enjoy the rest of the book which was a mystery.


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