Bookish Problems Are Taking Over My Life (Top Ten Tuesday #72)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paper Bindings - Bookish Problems Are Taking Over My Life (Top Ten Tuesday #72)

A weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme is the Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have:

01. No Space  - My shelves are over flowing. I literally have to restructure my reading habits and conduct a massive purge to get things under control. Add in a book buying ban, and I am a half a step closer to getting things under control. Only then, can I allow myself to buy more books.

02. Book Hangovers - All those hours spent wasted sitting there, hugging my feels, thinking about the book I just finished. Wasted reading time? Or sign of a spectacular book? You decide.

03. Shoulder Pains - No dainty purse for me, at least not on a day to day basis. I need something sturdy enough to carry around my 5-10# of books that travel with me. One to read, one for back up, and so on.

katie macalister street team

04. I Dream of Totes - I love my little Katie MacAlister Street Team tote turned library haul carrying case. But it is too small. It only holds 3-5 books depending on size. When I go to pick up that many and end up picking up a few's just not big enough.

05. TBR - *shudders* I literally have to beat the thing to stay manageable at this point. Currently at 805 books.

06. My Glare is broken - Since people ignore the book in hand and proceed to converse with me during my lunch hour at work, I have mastered the death glare. Only lately it seems my glare has lost its power, and people keep harassing me when I am trying to dive into fictional worlds to escape them.

07. I WANTS ALL THE SWAG - I really don't know what my fascination with swag is, but I want to collect them all! Bookmarks, postcards, buttons most especially, the inner book hoarder in me needs them.

bookish charms

08. Arts and Crafts time - Every time I see some bookish craft I want it. Those Jeb and Morpheus plush toys? Those mini book charms? I must collect. And since I lack the funs for Esty trips, I try and make them with the materials I have at home.

09. The Fish Dance - When I finish a wonderful book, I immediately have to talk about it with someone. But when no one I know has read it, I flop around like a dying fish. It's so hard to contain my feels, and when I talk about it, I have to force myself to watch out for spoilers.

10. Organization Is My Middle Name - I love walking through home decorating/improvement shops. I am always dreaming of bigger and better set ups for my house. Dreaming because I'm too poor for this. BUT I can and frequently do reorganize my books and the little knickknacks that sit on the selves.

What is your Top Ten this week?


  1. Shoulder pains - yes! Don't we all have that? Well, I did, but my Kindle is light now. I used to take another suitcase on vacation, much to my husband's dismay. ;-)

    1. I'm always afraid my kindle is going to get stolen by my thieving coworkers, so it doesn't leave my house. When I go out places where it won't leave my sight, I sometimes bring it. When I went on vacation, I put my master packing skills to use making my three new books fit in addition to the 5 I brought with me.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I think the Internet and blogs have alleviated some of my disappointment at having no one to talk about books with IRL.

    1. Thank god for twitter and goodreads. I would be completely lost without that outlet.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. There's my Hornblower!

    lol, thanks again, I loved that :)

    1. XD So glad you liked it. I wanted to post pictures as I worked, but then I decided not to so now one saw. Bad enough my sister saw hers and I had to lie my bum off to trick her.


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