When Magic Sleeps (review)

Monday, January 26, 2015

when magic sleeps by tera lynn childs
Title: When Magic Sleeps (Darkly Fae #1)
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Rating: 5 Stars

“When magic sleeps, everything changes.
In her dreams, Winnie Price always visits a fae realm. Dark prince Cathair O Cuana will do anything to save his dying clan, even hide his love for Winnie. On midsummer’s eve her monthly visiting owl changes into Cathair. When magic sleeps, she sees his true form and may finally be in his reach. A palace traitor brings the kingdom to the edge of war. Will disaster drive them apart or pull them together?”

*Received a copy for an honest review.*

I'm very particular about my faerie stories, so it takes a lot for one to wow me. But I haven't been disappointed with a Tera Lynn Childs story yet, so I had plenty of faith. And when she asked if I wanted to review a copy for her, I may have shrieked just a little.

When Magic Sleeps follows Winnie who has had vivid dreams for years. It was all just stories her subconscious manifested until the moment her dark prince showed up at her window. Since the moment he saw her, Cathair has been mesmerized. There was something about Winnie that called to him, something about her that made him feel like he was home.

From the first page, I loved this story. Cathair was just wonderful. He was already enamored with Winnie when the story really picked up, but that did not lesson anything. We still got to see the relationship actually develop and watch his infatuation deepen. But Cathair was so much more than just a love sick boy, he was strong and determined. He was capable, and you could really believe that he was a prince capable of greatness.

I really liked Winnie. In addition to her really cool talent of dreaming, she was a loveable character. She was sweet and she had so much potential, that it was easy to see why Cathair would be drawn to her.

The romance was super cute. Both characters knew the other one, him with his visits and her with her dreams. There is not much I can say about this yet, since this was only the first novella episode. But I really think they have potential to be a great pairing.

I really liked the world Tera Lynn Childs created in this series. We had elements of our world mixed in with the paranormal. In order to maintain their magic, the fae must spend some time in their animal form. So they created a forest where they can roam without human detection. The world was fun and mysterious, and that is not counting the faerie side of the world. This world has so much potential.

Words To Live By

"She had imagined countless characters into her world over the years, but his distinctive , multi-hued hair set him apart from the first time she saw him, almost a year ago." (Winnie 6%)

"Magic is real. You just have to believe.
Only if that were true she would be living in the fae realm with the dark prince at her side. Real life was all too boring." (Winnie 9%)

"Now she knew he was no character. He was real. And his heart was aching...for her." (Winnie 23%)


I adored this novella. If you are a fan of cute stories and fascinating fae, then I highly recommend checking this one out. I really cannot wait for the second volume to be released.

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