We Were Liars (review)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Title: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart
Rating: 3.5 stars

“We are the Liars.
We are beautiful, privileged and live a life of carefree luxury.
We are cracked and broken.
A story of love and romance.
A tale of tragedy.
Which are lies?
Which is truth?”
I so wanted to love this book. While I liked it, because of the high acclaim “We Were Liars” has been getting, I felt I must have missed something because I did not like it more. Several things irritated me along the way. Firstly, it took me a long time to get use to the writing style as Lockhart throws in fairy tales and poetry style chapters to tell the story. You will either love it or hate it. Secondly, I did not realize until it was too late that I had received an advanced copy from Amazon that did not contain a helpful map and family tree that appears in other editions. No one's fault, but my own. Still, it made reading more confusing. Thirdly, while her situation becomes clearer throughout the novel, the unreliable narrator of Cady was a little hard to like. Lastly, I wish we had a bigger picture of who the characters were. While there are reasons for this, I just could not connect with any of them. In addition, the ‘poor boy and rich girl’ love storyline just did not do it for me. I do not want to go too much in detail, so I do not ruin the ending, but the story you think you are reading is not only boring, but also tedious, until everything comes into light. For me, the ending saves it. I would still however, recommend reading "We Were Liars" I think I'm just a little to jaded and read to many of this type of novel to have enjoyed it as much as others would.

Words To Live By

"Be a little kinder than you have to."

"Always do what you're afraid to do."

"What if we could stop being different colors, different backgrounds, and just be in love?"

"If you want to live where people are not afraid of mice, you must give up living in palaces."

"The universe is seeming really huge right now. I need something to hold on to."

"Be sad, be sorry-but don't shoulder it."

"I think an inspirational quote can get you through hard times."


“If anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.”
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  1. I've had my eye on this one for awhile and still plan to read it at some point, but I don't feel any hurry to get my hands on it. The reviews definitely seem to be mixed. It sucks that you didn't love it, but at least it wasn't a total loss! Great review :)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  2. Thank you for your comment, Tracy, I'm glad you liked the review! Yeah, it was definitely one of those books that may have been better if I had read about it before the hype. Great blog btw :)

  3. Just finished it. I think I liked it a little bit better than you but I completely get your review. I do disagree that the story is boring. I thought it was interesting but that Cady's "woe is me" thing got old but what was nice is that other characters called her out on her crap and that the character that I'm talking about (so hard to talk about this book without giving stuff away) was called on for his pretentious crap. Very realistic characters in this.


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