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Thursday, December 4, 2014

the well of ascension by brandon sanderson
Title: The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Release Date: August 21st, 2007
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: YA or older
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5 stars

“The impossible has been accomplished. The Lord Ruler – the man who claimed to be god incarnate and brutally ruled the world for a thousand years – has been vanquished. But Kelsier, the hero who masterminded that triumph, is dead too, and now the awesome task of building a new world has been left to his young protégé, Vin, the former street urchin who is now the most powerful Mistborn in the land, and to the idealistic young nobleman she loves.

As Kelsier’s protégé and slayer of the Lord Ruler she is now venerated by a budding new religion, a distinction that makes her intensely uncomfortable. Even more worrying, the mists have begun behaving strangely since the Lord Ruler died, and seem to harbor a strange vaporous entity that haunts her.

Stopping assassins may keep Vin’s Mistborn skills sharp, but it’s the least of her problems. Luthadel, the largest city of the former empire, doesn’t run itself, and Vin and the other members of Kelsier’s crew, who lead the revolution, must learn a whole new set of practical and political skills to help. It certainly won’t get easier with three armies – one of them composed of ferocious giants – now vying to conquer the city, and no sign of the Lord Ruler’s hidden cache of atium, the rarest and most powerful allomantic metal.

As the siege of Luthadel tightens, an ancient legend seems to offer a glimmer of hope. But even if it really exists, no one knows where to find the Well of Ascension or what manner of power it bestows.”
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I'll try and keep this book spoiler free for those who have not yet read The Final Empire. (Really? There are such people?)

In case you haven't guess already and haven't seen my love of the books mentioned on twitter, then let me tell you right now: I love this series.

This may be my favorite new series read during 2014.

The Well of Ascension picks up a bit after The Final Empire ended. We have a new ruler struggling to right some wrongs, all while keeping the city together. If that wasn't hard enough, our little band of thieves aren't the only ones with their eyes on the city and the hidden catch of atium. Add in a threat of betrayal, a secretive new Mistborn, and the very real possibility of defeat, and you get Well of Ascension.

Book twos are always scary books to read. 

How on Earth can it top book one, set up for book three, and still manage to stand on its own?

The answer is simple: Great Characters.

I knew right away in book one that I was going to love our rag-tag bunch. And over the course of a billion pages, Brandon Sanderson proved me right. Book two encourages the same level of love I felt in book one. But it also adds in a few new ones into the mix. Even the characters you know you should not love because they were not necessarily on the same side of our heroes, became utterly dear to me.

Or maybe it was just because I love the dark, twisted, tortured characters. You know who you are, my lovely baddie, you.

And when you get to the plot:

The feels might just be the end of you.

One of the things I love about this series, and for some reason fantasy in general, is that theses books seem to be real. We have our heroes, and villains, but often times the line between the two is blurred. People live and people die. Stakes get raised, and dreams get pummeled. But I can close my eyes and feel this world, smell the ash in the mists. Some characters I could predict, others I struggled to understand, but they all kept the storylines flowing.

As things started happening to these characters, I found myself emotionally invested in their struggles.

You sit there and think 'what could happen next' or 'how could they possibly overcome ___.' Where could they possibly go next? Shouldn't everything be perfect now the they accomplished their goal?

Overthrowing a near god turned out to be just the beginning for our heroes.

Still dealing with the aftermath of their rebellion, they had to create a worthy kingdom for skaa and noblemen alike. At the same time, they somehow had to defend it from any and everyone with an army that threatened their city. Because, it seemed, that everyone was searching for more and more power the hidden atrium promised. Our heroes may have been idealistically working towards a better future for all, but lessons from the past and the truths about humanity kept worming their way into their lives and messing things up.

I knew going into this that it was a series, so I knew there was no way this book would be all rainbows and butterflies before I even read the summary. I knew there was going to be a siege, and you find that out early one, but there is so much more to the plot then just outlasting the army on their doorstep. There are layers upon layers of secrets and lies woven into layers upon layers of danger and intrigue.

Every single page added something to the story.

There more you read, the more you learned about new and old characters, the more things started jumping out at you. Connections emerged during this book, and for the first time, I truly began to respect the awesome talent Brandon Sanderson has for world building.

What did the world a thousand years ago have in common with the present? Nothing. A selfish man took power and near destroyed the world. Except, maybe that was not true. Maybe there was more to the past that I fist imagined, and maybe there was a lot more in store for these characters than I ever imagined there could be.

The ending of this book left me in a horrible place. 

I just suffered, sweated, and bleed right along side my friends, their pain was my pain. And because I knew that there was so many more battles yet to come before we could ever reach a point that might even remotely be considered a happy ever after. The need to know what happened next was so strong, it pulled me out of a book flunk. Book three was in my possession before I even approached the last few chapters. 

I highly recommend this series to anyone out there that loves fantasy novels.

“Good men don't become legends," he said quietly. "Good men don't need to become legends." She opened her eyes, looking up at him. "They just do what's right anyway.”

“It's easy to believe in something when you win all the time...The losses are what define a man's faith.”

“Elend: I kind of lost track of time…
Breeze: For two hours?
Elend: There were books involved.”


  1. YESSSSSSSS. It is the characters that make this book so special. UGH. And the feels. I don't even know how to speak coherently about it anymore so I'll just add a big DITTO to your entire review.


    1. Thank you for making me read this series!

      (HAHA, I wondered where you got the name for your blog from.)

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. This review so perfect! Well of Ascension was my least favorite of the three, but I still really liked it (THAT ENDING). I can't wait to see your thoughts on book 3! If you thought this one kicked you in the feels... ;)

    - Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider silk

    1. You know, it might be my least favorite of the three as well. (And all the feels from book three! Oh, man!)

      Thank you for stopping by.


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