Who reads for fun? Ten Reasons I Love Books

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paper Bindings | Who reads for fun? Ten Reasons I Love Books

Obviously I love to read.

The fact I go through 200-300 books a year tells you that much.

But did you know, I used to be one of those nonreaders? -It's okay, you can gasp now- If I read five books a year that was a lot for me, and mostly, those were required books for English class.

Who reads for fun?

Then something happened, sitting two hours alone on campus with nothing to do but read changed me.

Now that I am a successful bookaholic, I thought I'd take a moment to share with you ten reasons for my addiction.

(01) They Are My Therapy - Cheaper than drugs*, healthier than chocolate, and always available when I need them. *Mental health prescription kind here people, nothing illegal.

(02) I Can Go Anywhere Or Any Time Period I Want With Only The Turn Of A Page – As much as I would love to travel in real life, let’s face it, unless I hit the mega millions, the odds are not in my favor. And some places I want to visit no longer exist or live only in the imaginations of readers and authors. There should be such a thing as a reader's passport, I'd have filled it with all  kinds of stamps by now.

(03) All The Other MEs – If I wanted to take a turn at being an assassin, I can pick up Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. Fancied hunting a Welsh king with four loveable boys? Not a problem, The Raven Boys are waiting for my arrival. Any hour, any day, all it takes is a little bit of imagination and a good book. The world is at my fingertips.

(04) All My BFFs – Don't get me wrong, I love the group of friends I have, both in real life and the ones I've made online. But every so often I'm introduced to a character that would fit right in with my group.

(05) Book Boyfriends – At this point I'm pretty sure I have a harem of men with all the book boyfriends I've claimed over the years. Currently, I'm single, which really sucks. But it's really hard to find a good man when I keep comparing them to all the great fictional men in my life.

(06)  I Get To Escape – Stuck at the dealership waiting on an oil change? Still at the dreaded doctor’s hours after my scheduled appointment time? No problem. All I have to do is open a book and the minutes fly by.

(07)  Conversation Starter - *sees book in coworkers hand* Inner Me: AHHHHHHH!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! FANGIRL SQUEEL!!!! Out loud: Oh, hey. What are you reading? *obviously looks at title* Ah, ____, cool. I’ve read it. You enjoying it so far?

(8) They Make Great Shields - Annoying coworker all up in your space? That weird person who is always talking about alien abductions and government conspiracies trying to convert you? Books make great shields. Even if you aren't actually reading them, you've got a free pass to ignore other people with an open book in your hands. And, sometimes, books make great weapons when necessary...

(9) I've Learned More Valuable Lessons From Books Than I Ever Did In School - School was important to my family, but I really did not get to have certain high school experience back in the day. Things weren't available to me, or they were still hidden in the shadows and I knew nothing about them. (If I knew then, what I know now...) I made friends, I studied, I laughed, I cried, but looking back, I've led a pretty sheltered childhood. Reading has opened my eyes to the real world in a way that eight hours a day, five days of hell a week never did.

(10) It Gives Me Something To Focus My Crazy On – When I love something, I can get really passionate about it. Can you say ‘fangirl?’ Yup. I’m the type of girl that can easily amass several fandoms in the matter of days. I’m not one of those ‘omg, she does know it’s not real, right?’ type of fangirls, but I do love chatting with fellow fans. Reading is a solitary sport, but fandoms give us a chance to turn reading into something that allows us to befriend those around us.

What about you guys? Why do you love books?

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