Two Year Blogoversary - A Little Bit of Honesty Plus A Giveaway

Thursday, October 23, 2014

**Giveaway is over.**
Paper Bindings | Two Year Blogoversary - A Little Bit of Honesty Plus A Giveaway
Paper Bindings (formerly Once Upon A Dream Books) is turning two! Can you believe it?


It's so hard for me to believe yet another year has come and gone. Some days it feels like I just started, others days I swear I've been doing this for decades.

Secretly, I never even dared to think I might make it this far. I was so afraid that no one would ever bother to read what I spent hours writing. Then it would be just me sitting here all alone talking to myself. Those doubts almost kept me from blogging at all. 

And for a bit there in the middle, I wanted to give up. I started playing the numbers game in my head. Comparing myself to other blogs became a daily habit. I always found myself lacking: the layout is not good enough, I don't review enough ARCs to lure people in, no one is commenting, etc. On my one year blogversary, Once Upon A Dream Books was not anywhere near where others were at three months. So the date came and went without notice.

It was discouraging and I nearly gave up a few times.

But then something happened this past year.

I met someone I now consider a blogger friend. Looking back, I cannot recall if I stumbled upon her blog or if Aly (@ My Heart Hearts Books) stumbled upon mine. But she was the first person to leave me meaningful comments on posts that weren't TTT or WOW memes. Even if Aly never realizes it, I've learned more from her about the book blogging world than I had discovered on my own during that awkward first year.

I got to know the OTHER side of book blogging. It's not always about the books or the numbers, but it's about the people you meet along the way. Sure some will drag you down, but there are others waiting to pick you right back up again.

It was the first time I'd felt like I belonged in this little community. Somehow believing that made things easier for me. Sure I 'd have to crawl out of my shelf and brave social media more, but I felt like I could do it now. Since then, I've met some really nice people that I probably never would have even talked to if I was still the blogging wallflower.


And Now What You Came To See....

To say thank you for sticking with me, and in anticipation of many more years to come, I'd like to hold my first giveaway.

I'm going to keep this simple since I really don't know what I am doing. I know how to gift ebooks, so that's what the prize shall be. And because October is the greatest month ever -in my not so biased opinion- I am going to give a way an October release that I am highly looking forward to.


* One winner can choose between an ebook (via Amazon or Barnes and Noble) of:


 * One winner can choose two of the following ebooks (via Amazon or Barnes and Noble):

Giveaway ends on October 31st, 2014


  1. Oh COngratulations!!! I'm going through the same insecure phase right now but I think I'll keep going on and leardning the ropes of the blogging world along the way... Hopefully my blog will reach its first anniversary! :)
    Book Maniac Reviews

    1. Thank you. And I really do believe you should keep at it. Who knows, you may only be one post away from "your big break" so to speak. I hope you make it to your first blogversary!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Happy 2nd bloggy birthday!!! *throws confetti and cake all over you* WOOT! And don't worry...I think everyone plays the numbers/stats games at first. (And...well...I still do sometimes.) It always feels like there's someone out there doing a "better" job than us, right?! So hard sometimes. BUT YAY FOR CELEBRATIONS! I hope you have a really good year ahead of you too with lots of awesome books and cake. ^-^

    1. *dances in confetti and magically misses all the cake* Thank you. The numbers game is a thing I believe we all play, so I'm trying not to be so hard on myself. But I've hit another milestone, so I must be doing something right.

      Thank you for the best wishes and for stopping by!


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