Happy Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2014

Paper Bindings - Happy Halloween

Halloween has to be the best holiday ever. 

Well, aside from any gift giving holidays or birthdays -they should be legal holidays, no working on your special day. But even still, Halloween is my favorite.

(( And that's before the free candy. Just because I am "too old" to trick or treat does not mean I cannot dress up and enjoy the fun. ))

This year, I feel a little lacking in my fallness. I haven't decorate, I missed apple picking, and the only jack-o-lantern I have is the one in the gif above. At least I've watched Hocus Pocus once this season. The season has just kind of passed me by.

But I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Halloween. Whether you plan to go out, or stay in and avoid the herds of hyperactive children looking for sweets, stay safe and have fun!


  1. I only started to decorate myself in the last few years so dont feel bad. I also never even used to give candy before I had a kid haha. I'd sit at home and ignore the doorbells (even though our rules here says if the outside light is on don't go there). Happy Halloween! :)

    1. If it was left to me, all the poor little kids wouldn't have gotten anything since I had to work all night. Second year in a row I missed it because of work. But thankfully my family was able to give some candy out.

      Hope you had a great Halloween! Thank you for stopping by.


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