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Monday, July 28, 2014

Title: Sendoff For A Snitch (Jesse #4)
Author: KM Rockwood
Release Date: August 22, 2013
Stars: 4
"Everybody knows snitches get stitches. Or worse.

After years in prison on a murder conviction, Jesse's trying to make it on the street, but nothing comes easy. He's always broke and the police figure he's a natural suspect for almost anything, even without Aaron trying to set him up.

Jesse can't catch a break. His forklift at work is wrecked. His sometimes-girlfriend is furious with him. His basement apartment has a few feet of water in it. And it's still raining.

Wait until his parole officer finds out he's been caught driving Aaron's pickup truck. Without a license. That alone might violate his parole and send him back to prison. Then when Aaron's body is found floating in the flooded stairwell of his apartment, prison looks like a forgone conclusion, unless Jesse can manage to steer the police in another direction."
*Received a copy for an honest review.*

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Sendoff for a Snitch picks up where book three ended. This time around, nature jumps into to kick him in the butt. What could make things worse for our hero? Losing his meager home to flood. Or maybe it was the dead body floating in the stairwell beside his apartment.

And yet, Jesse keeps going. Sometimes I wonder just why he keeps going when things rarely go his way, and when they do, it's never perfect. But he does. I think that is one of the things I love about this series. May I never know what it feels like to be a paroled convict. But I do know what it feels like to have people automatically believe the worst, and I've had my fair share of days where nothing goes right, so I really love those "real" layers that are woven into this fictional tale.

Some things happen in this book that I'd been wondering about for a bit now. One involved Aaron. Now there is a shocker -note the sarcasm. Stepped on one too many toes and he ended up getting axed. Which made for quite an interesting turn of events for Jesse. And one that was long over due in my mind. Something had to happen for the snitch. Books, movies, real life, they never last too long, especially once they get bigger than their britches.

And the other thing that happened is kind of spoilery, so I'll just say it had something to do with a certain female character.

As each book in this series passes, and we get to better know the characters, there are two who I feel the most for. The kids. I really feel for those little guys. All I want to do is save them. In away, they are like mirrors for Jesse. Who he was, who he could have been, and in a way who he is now. Jesse seems to recognize the connection and he tries to protect them and care for them, or maybe it's his just his compassion showing through. Either way, I love the connection they have.

I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next in the series.

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